9 Best Conspiracy Theory Movies

Conspiracy Theory Movies

What if Elvis Presley is secretly alive and is out in some Caribbean island drinking shots of vodka? What if the JFK assassination was staged by the CIA? These outlandish ideas probably aren’t true, but isn’t it fun to think of the possibility? Something about wild, alternative theories is intriguing to our mammalian brain. Everyone just loves a good conspiracy movie.

In this article, we list nine conspiracy theory movies that should be on your watch-list.

The X-files

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You’ve probably heard of the TV series. But have you seen the movie? The X-files movie takes on the same premise as the series did. Expect to see government cover-ups of alien contact, super-secret high-tech experiments, and men in black suits.

The Insider

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The conspiracy by big tobacco companies to hide the negative effects of cigarettes are well documented by now. This movie tells that story. It focuses on journalists Lowell Bergman and Lowell Wallace as they unveil the tobacco conspiracy that rocked the world.


What if JFK was actually assassinated by the CIA? This Oliver Stone-directed flick delves into the possibility that the Kennedy assassination was staged by the government. This movie plays out like a historical drama, making the “evidences” presented seem even more real.

Andromeda Strain

This sci-fi movie focuses on the possibilities of a government-induced disease and its attempts at a cover-up. This movie is based on a best-selling novel by author Micheal Critchton. It stars Kate Reid, James Olson, and Arthur Hill among others, who investigate a deadly disease and its possible extraterrestrial origin.

They Live

John Carpenter’s “They Live” is a classic conspiracy theory movie. The main character, by putting on a pair of special sunglasses, discovers that aliens are controlling the human race by pretending to be politicians and influential businessmen.

The Constant Gardener

Most of us aren’t strangers to big pharma conspiracies by now. The Constant Gardener revolves around Justin Quayle, who discovers a web of lies and cover-ups by a pharmaceutical company.

The Matrix

This movie is more science fiction than a conspiracy theory, but we still think it should be on this list. It is less based on reality than other films on this list-but then again, what is reality? The Matrix asks just that.

The Da Vinci Code

What if Da Vinci left clues in his paintings about the whereabouts of the Holy grail? This movie is based on a classic historical fiction novel of the same name. It follows Professor Robert Langdon as he discovers a web of religious conspiracies.

Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers

This conspiracy documentary focuses on the notorious Bob Lazar as he blows the whistle on Area 51 and flying saucers. Bob Lazar was allegedly hired in the 1980s to attempt to reverse-engineer a supposed extraterrestrial flying saucer. Instead of keeping quiet about this, Lazar exposed Area 51 and its flying saucers to the world. His stories wildly influence public views on aliens, flying saucers, and Area 51 today.

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