A Brief History of the British Monarchy

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There is no doubt that the British monarchy is one of the most revered institutions in the world. The history of the British Royal Family dates back to the years when it first gained its foothold in the world and since then it has been ruling the waves. There are so many stories and examples that surround this royal family that any reader can easily relate to the stories and legends surrounding the royal family. However, there is also a dark side that the royal family hides behind the image of the British monarchy that is very much known today.

British Monarchy Had Many Struggles With Maintaining Their Power

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In the early years the British monarchy had many struggles with maintaining their power. The reign of Queen Elizabeth the first saw her husband deposed and later killed in the Battle of Wakefield. This ended the rule of her father, James I, and she was forced to cede the throne to her son Edward. It was not an easy process, as the young king was not very popular with the people, thus losing support from the masses.

During this time, her son Edward sought refuge at the royal fortress of Windsor castle and this is where his reign got started. It was here that the queen consented to allow her son to marry the princess Mary of Burgundy. Despite being married to the prince, the dowry which was supposed to be given by the king to the bride cost so much that the king never gave it to the princess. Thus, the entire event changed the face of the British royalty forever. There were numerous stories that surround the lives of the royals and their lives in general, which can be found on the British Monarchy website.

Attend A Crucial Speech In The Parliament

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Aside from the lives of the royals, you can also see how the royal families made use of the time available to make sure they preserved their wealth. One example is the time when the then king George III had to attend a crucial speech in the parliament. Having no time to prepare for his speech, he delegated his ministers to make the necessary preparations in time. These included putting up scaffolding in the palace garden so that the king could address his constituents from there. The scaffolds were also used by the palace staff to ensure the safety of the palace entrance as well as other sections of the building such as the treasury and the royal bath.

During another crisis in the British kingdom, the then queen fled to freedom under the protection of her husband. Though this was against the will of the king, she was still allowed to live in the British exile owing to her female status. After the Restoration of King Charles II, the same royal family lived in the Plantation of Holkham. It was here that the future Queen Elizabeth spent her childhood. You can also see how the royals managed to build the chapel in the place where they settled.

British Monarchy Website Relates To How The Royals Established Their Homes

Another section of the British Monarchy website relates to how the royals established their homes in different parts of England. You can see how they established the dukes of Gloucester in the South, the duke of Oxford in the West, the king at York in the North, and the earl of Huntingdon in the centre. William the Conqueror also left instructions for a mosque to be constructed in the centre of the town that is still standing till this day. Though the duke of Gloucester later died, the mosque is still open to visitors.

The website also shows how the royals loved their life in Great Britain. The duke of Gordon was married to a lady who was very much against the royal system. She fled to the American colonies after her marriage and died there, therefore bringing the duke’s entire family into the Americas.

Summing Up

Visitors to the website can see how the royals maintained their lifestyle through the ages. They built forts and castles, which they found in Europe and brought them over to the British Isles and then kept on using them for centuries. Today, the same traditions continue and are enjoyed by the British people. Hence, it can be said that the British monarchy helped shape modern Britain.

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