A Federal Reserve Conspiracy Theory Exposed

federal reserve conspiracy theory

Federal Reserve conspiracy theories are gaining momentum as the economy continues its recovery. The economic recession has affected every sector of our society, but most Americans are more concerned about the Federal Reserve’s actions and their subsequent reaction to the global economic crisis. Right-wing talk radio and Internet sites have picked up on this sentiment and have run stories quoting people claiming the Fed is behind the rise of currency marketplaces, stock markets, and the Internet black market. More alarmingly, some are saying that the Federal Reserve is manipulating the value of the dollar to benefit itself at the expense of ordinary citizens.

Federal Reserve Conspiracy Theory

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There are many Federal Reserve conspiracy theories floating around. One popular myth is that the central bank is using the power of its printing press to keep the economy afloat. The argument goes that if interest rates are low, currencies will appreciate in value, and then, when the bubble bursts, the bubble will implode, causing hyperinflation or a collapse of the financial system. Another popular conspiracy theory involves the creation of smart contracts that allow private investors to invest large portions of their money in the currency market. This will supposedly help keep investors from losing their investments. However, this same theory is also used to justify a large amount of foreign currency that flows through the Forex each day.

Another popular conspiracy theory involves gold standardization. Many right-wing think tanks have argued that gold standardization was created to help stabilize the US economy during the last administration. By putting into circulation a standard that was made for gold coins, it was said that the cost of living and the level of inflation would remain stable. The problem with this theory is that the US was a world leader in establishing the gold standard, and it wasn’t until 2008 that the rest of the developed world started following suit.

Common Federal Reserve Conspiracy Theory

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Another common conspiracy theory is that the Federal Reserve is creating a form of Cryptocurrency, much like the gold standard. Many people believe that Cryptocurrencies like the QE or any other form of central bank created too much unnecessary money supply and will lead to hyperinflation. However, most experts agree that currencies are not meant to be backed by anything other than a promise of future repayment. The government can not force its citizens to use Cryptocurrency as a way to pay for items or services. The powers that be are not interested in seeing an economic collapse of the currency or a complete loss of confidence in the national currency. What they are interested in is the fact that a large amount of currency has been added to the market.

The Federal Reserve also is believed to intentionally keep interest rates high so that people like themselves will hold the dollar. If interest rates are kept low, then the value of the U.S. dollar decreases. People like themselves do not want to hold onto the dollar since they do not earn anything from it. If the exchange function were reversed, the value of the dollar would decrease and hold steady at current levels. This would make the economy extremely unstable.

Most Popular Federal Reserve Conspiracy Theory

One of the most widely believed Federal Reserve conspiracy theories is that the central bank manipulates interest rates to keep its citizens from making investments in currencies other than the U.S. dollar. Since this would cause a run on the paper currency, the powers that be would then engage in political propaganda and begin pushing for the inclusion of a currency convertible into the Common Market. Eventually, a gold standard was implemented, which was designed to reverse the process of inflation. In retrospect, it did nothing but increase inflation across the board. Thus, most right-wing factions believe that the Federal Reserve has far-right-wing political motivations. They also believe that the far-right fringe benefits from having a currency that they can use to fund their own agendas.

Another popular conspiracy theory involves Federal Reserve agents creating far-right political outlets and news outlets to spread false news stories about the economy and the economic outlook. Such outlets are widely used by far-right fringe groups to further their agenda. The Federal Reserve, many believe, is a tool of the far-right to tear down the current socio-economic structure in America. The far-right often use these conspiracy theories as a way to justify their fears and to promote their own far-right agenda.

Bottom Line

Thus, it appears that the Federal Reserve may have a secret plan to get out of the hole that it’s in and to bail out large financial institutions with no public accountability. If you would like to invest in an Automatic Deposit Account with the Federal Reserve, then you should know that you will not be getting an honest answer or information about such transactions. For more information and details, please see the “Investing” tab below.

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