A Look at the Rothschild Timeline

rothschild family timeline

The roots of the dynasty of the Rothschilds can be traced back to Europe’s early days. When the Jews had to flee countries such as Germany and Czech Republic due to the Nazis, they took with them their culture, including the family name of the dynasty. The family was not able to continue its holdings in Europe during the war. However, they survived thanks to the efforts of a man named Moses David who decided to continue the banking family’s legacy.

An Overview

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Starting from the very beginning, the Rothschilds had a vision of establishing a world-wide network of financial interests. Thus, they financed the construction of roads and networks throughout the world. Eventually they became a great power broker for many countries, including the United States of America. Starting from a humble background, they eventually rose to become one of the most powerful families in financial circles. Their influence spanned generations, and their influence continues even today.

The roots of the dynasty can be traced through many of their early descendants. The first three in line to start the family business all came from the bloodline. One of those line members, Jacob, went on to found the first brokerage firm in America. The last of the line, Maximilians, went on to establish international banks.

Rothschild Timeline

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The early years of the family’s history is marked by several key events that shaped the direction of the family would take. One of those events was the death of their mother, Alice, at the age of 36. Her untimely passing left behind a devastated young boy named Chauncey Rhodes, who was raised by his father and cared for him as if he were his own son. When Chauncey was a young adult, he decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams and open his own business. His idea, the Rhodes System, would become an integral part of the world today, as it would later be used by several well-known businesses.

The first line of the dynasty, King Solomon, reigned over the United States, having absolute power. He employed the services of Maximilians, another of their line of family members, and set up an office in New York City. The American business scene at that time was in its infancy, and the two men were instrumental in ushering in the era of great industry. They also established the first US bank, the Chase Manhattan Bank, which is the home of the current Chase Manhattan branch.

Following the death of King Solomon and the ascension of Queen Cleopatra, the Egyptian royal family had many disputes with the Roman Empire over control of Egypt. After Cleopatra rebelled against the Roman rule, her half brother Marc Antony came to her assistance. Marc had sided with the Roman general Octavius, and when he was killed, Cleopatra turned against Rome, and the city ultimately fell to her rivals. Marc Antony became very famous, and he was married to Cleopatra’s sister Marcia. Octavius meanwhile was declared king by the Romans after the sack of Cleopatra’s estate, and he and Marc Antony formed an alliance to defeat the Persian army.

In order to gain access to the gold and silver resources of the world, the British monarchy used their vast wealth to create the world gold and silver dollar. This was the first time that money had been printed, and this marked the beginning of the printing process in the Americas. Throughout the years, several other nations such as England, France, India, and the United States began to mint their own currency. The Rhodes family was one of the most influential families in this time, as they helped design the modern financial system that we use today.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many connections to the Rhodes family in both time periods. In more modern times, the family members are responsible for creating and designing a number of popular board games, as well as many television shows, movies, and books. If you are interested in learning more about the history of the Rhodes, you can find many websites online that focus on this time period. Many people enjoy learning about the Rhodes, and they enjoy playing games that have strong ties to this royal family. Whether you are interested in history or not, you will definitely enjoy playing games developed by the Rhodes family.

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