abolish the British Monarchy – A Question of Independence

abolish british monarchy

The idea of an abolished British Monarchy is a fringe right wing ideology that has gained a lot of support in recent years. There are many people who are extremely opposed to the Monarchy and wish to see it abolished completely. Many people look to emulate countries such as Venezuela, Ecuador or Turkey where a total breakdown of the Monarchy has occurred. These countries have made a concerted effort to remove the head of the British Monarchy and replace it with an elected government.

An Overview

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Historically the Monarchy was never a major power on earth. During the rule of Queen Victoria there were no major wars with Germany or Japan and the Empire was economically far too weak to be a great threat. The Monarchy did have a terrible oppressive rule in India under the direct control of Queen Victoria. Indians were generally not even allowed to speak out or practice their English language and were routinely tortured and even killed. The Monarchy tried to stamp out the Indian slave trade and also tried to repress the Indian population after the end of the Empire. In India this led to a huge upsurge in violence and several rebellious groups emerged which made life very difficult for the Indians.

After independence there was a realignment of power in England and the Monarchy started losing its popularity. A charismatic Prime Minister named John Major led a majority of the House of Commons against the Monarchy. He brought about a series of major reforms such as a system of universal health care, a national education bill and new laws for a simpler taxation system. These measures however only had limited effect due to the fact that there were large sections of the population which remained loyal to the Monarchy.

The British Monarchy

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The Monarchy had always enjoyed a high degree of support from the British people but this support waned after the death of Queen Victoria. Many people blamed the aging Queen for her untimely death because she failed to live long enough to see her policies through. Her unpopularity with her subjects was the main catalyst which led to the demise of the Monarchy. The once glorious institution which had once been so admired and revered became just another political party in contemporary Britain.

There have been various attempts to change the basic principles of the Monarchy. Two centuries ago the Reform Act of 1815 attempted to change many hereditary titles. But this law was never passed because the Monarchy was so powerful it was hardly possible for them to cooperate. Two years later a further attempt to change the fundamental rules was the Charter of Compact. This time this law was passed through the Houses of Parliament and into law making it easier for the Monarch to abdicate. The last major reform attempt to abolish the Monarchy was a motion tabled by John Bercow MP, whereby he proposed that the House of Lords and Commons be combined into one body.

The Fall Of The British Monarchy

Although the Monarchy is no longer in practice it still commands a great deal of respect and admiration from the British public. Many Brits actually have a sense of constitutional gratitude towards the Monarchy. It is almost impossible to recall a time when the Monarchy has not ruled the country. They also have a strong hold on the British media, newspapers and films, as well as ensuring that certain institutions, such as the universities and the Royal Family have their laws and appointments based on the decisions of the Monarchy.

The current Queen Elizabeth is the embodiment of the British monarchy and as long as she lives her successors will also be. It would seem that the people who are in power at the moment would prefer the continuation of the Monarchy than that of democracy. As time goes by the Crown Estate will become a much more important element in British life, with the Queen currently being in charge of the entire estate, rather than just her son and grandson. It is possible that in the future there will be another succession crisis, although it is highly unlikely.

In The End

If the wishes of the British people were ever made clear then the House of Queens would probably never be abolished. However, should the people’s wish for a change of system and rule the Monarchy would most likely have to go. It would be a foregone conclusion that any House of Queens should be immediately abolished. If you want to learn more about the House of Queens, why not click here.

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