All You Need To Know About Conspiracy Theory Board Games

conspiracy theory board

The main aim of these conspiracy theory board games is to check your knowledge related to various conspiracy theories present in the world. It makes you utilize your mind and understand the bluff to win this game. You have to answer the questions to collect the conspiracy cards. You can play this game with your family and friends who are above the age of 14. The conspiracy game contains 250 conspiracy cars in which the conspiracy is written. There is one game board, 25 cover-ups, two dices, and six playing pieces. People become curious about the conspiracy question written on the card, so you even get a bar code. By scanning the barcode, you will get the link to get the answer related to your conspiracy question. Therefore, if you are bored and want to spend some time with your family, then this is all you need to know about the conspiracy theory board and games and buy it online.

How To Play Conspiracy Theory Board Game

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The main objective of the conspiracy theory game is to collect a similar set of conspiracy cards; the first person to collect it wins the game. To play the game, first, place the board in the middle of every player. Shuffle every conspiracy card and cover-up, and put them on desired places as mentioned on the board. Every player who is playing has to put the token at any one of the corners of the board. Everyone has to start from different corners. You can toss or decide for the player who will go first.

In Middle Of The Game

The player who has started has to roll two dices given in the game. Then you have to move the token by the sum of two dices on the squares present on the board. You have four types of tiles on which you have to land; if you face any problem, read the board tiles section and read the instructions. After moving the token, you have to pass the dice to the person on your left. The double rolls have different meanings, like if you get one in each dice, then new world order is watching on you, so you have to hide and lose your turn.

How To Win Conspiracy Board Game

If you want to win the game, you have to become the conspiracy expert by collecting similar conspiracy cards. Moreover, you have two types of sets one is a conspiracy specialist, and the other is a general conspiracist. You do not have to declare yourself as the winner when you get the set of cards. You have to tell the truth to everyone, and then you win the game, but sometimes you can even get the situation of a tie.

Ending Line

This game is made for entertainment purposes and to exercise your mind, do not take these conspiracy questions seriously, and enjoy playing this game with your friends and family.

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