All You Need To Know About The Wayfair Conspiracy Theory

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Wayfair is a US-based furniture selling company that once came under a lot of accusations. The Wayfair Conspiracy Theory revolved around stories of illicit child trafficking. All these rumors engulfed the entire internet and became a burning issue questioning the reputation of the company. These claims did not have any strong base, and they began to spark on 14th June. The rumors began to emerge from a tweet that was posted by a member of the QAnon community. 

This person was of the view that the cabinets displayed on the site of the Wayfair were the names of girls. The high prices were also a concern for the people. Usual pillows were priced at $10,000. This made people believe that it was possible because of child trafficking that these prices were so high. Further discussions led to the statement that the names of the cabinets are similar to the children who have been missing from the US in the past years. The QAnon community linked this entire matter to a secret plot that was hatched against Donald Trump and his supporters. This scenario is thus known as Wayfair Conspiracy Theory

Wayfair’s Take On The Wayfair Conspiracy Theory 


Wayfair did not turn a blind eye to the entire matter, and they had their justifications to the Wayfair Conspiracy Theory. They stated that their company makes use of algorithms to name their products. They also rubbished the relation between the high prices of the cabinets and child trafficking. They also said that they would remove the products from the website that were controversial.

 The Wayfair Conspiracy Theory, however, did not end here. It was also stated that some of the product codes of Wayfair, when put into a Russian search engine, Yandex showed images of young girls. 

This glitch was later corrected by Yandex. This whole theory rose to flames and became a global talk. This also generated a lot of engagement on the Instagram page of Wayfair. 

This story is, however, not new, and it has happened to a lot of companies before. 


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The Wayfair Conspiracy Theory was not a novelty. It has happened to a lot of companies. The whole matter was shut down when a woman named Samiyah from Ohio who was claimed to be missing went live on Facebook and stated that she never went missing. 

Reddit was also blamed for the entire situation as the question was first posted here. All the rumors linked to the Wayfair Conspiracy Theory gradually disappeared due to the lack of credibility from all possible sources. Everything thus became normal, and Wayfair was freed of all the useless allegations. 

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