American Conspiracy Theory Concepts You Should Know For Knowledge

american conspiracy theory

Many would agree with George Washington that political parties are something that is inevitably formed in any democratic country. This is because that there can never be a unanimous opinion amongst the citizens of an entire country. There are bound to be more than opinions when the size of the body is that large. These opinions formed the foundation of political parties since each party is the representation of a political opinion or an ideology. Due to the political and governmental system that the United States is governed with, it provides for the existence of only two political parties at one time, since the opinions are always divided into two. But take the example of any other country, one which runs on a Parliamentary governing system. One can see the existence of multiple political parties. Those leaders run for some form of Presidency or another, such as in England, or India.

American Conspiracy Theory Concepts

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The rivalry between the Jeffersonians and the Federalists wasn’t a meaningless rivalry. The opposition between the two held a lot of meaning and worth, such that it completely changed the way in which the country was run. Other than that, a lot of principles were set due to this rivalry, ones that have been continued to exist even in the 21st Century. One of these principles would be the fact that political parties are inevitable. The Founding Fathers were against the establishment of political parties in the country. This was before they had some sort of insight into the actual working of the USA. Once the country actually gained freedom and a democracy was established, along with the Presidency of George Washington, the entire idea changed. It soon became obvious that political parties were something that was bound to form in any country that has a democratic federation. This was even stated by George Washington. Another thing that the rivalry settled was the ideology and mindset of the general American public.

When John Adams came into Presidency as the second president, his term was quite short lasted and ended as soon as the four years got over. Immediately the Democratic-Republican Party came into power with the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson, followed by James Madison. This brought to light the mindset of the American people and the sort of ideologies that they prefer.

Political American Conspiracy Theory Concepts

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The Democratic-Republicans and Federalist rivalry became the Second Party System in the country. This brought along with it a new rivalry between two political parties. It was known as the Democrats and the Whigs. These Democrats were under the leadership of Andrew Jackson, the 7th President of the United States of America. They are not to be confused with the Democratic-Republicans. They were also known as the Jacksonian Democrats. Against the Jacksonians were the Whigs or the Whig party. The two ideologies that came along with the formation of these parties were quite similar to the ideologies of the Democratic-Republicans and the Federalists. The Democrats wanted a weak Central Government. They wanted to have zero involvement in the agricultural and industrial sectors. This is much like the Democratic-Republican ideologies. They too did not want a strong Central Government.


In fact, they wanted to base American culture on agriculture more and industry less. The Whigs, much like the Federalists, wanted a strong Central Government. They wanted the involvement of Congress (Major Problem 98) in every single matter. As is evident, the differences between the Republican-Federalist rivalry and the Democrat-Whig rivalry are few and negligible.

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