Are You A Conspiracy Theory Of Wisdom Or Insanity

conspiracy theoryof wisdom

Why? Because they are dangerous, stupid and, worse, possibly even immoral. We need to be taught, from an early age, not to engage in conspiracy theories. We must be taught that everyone has a right to his or her own views, and that we should respect other people’s right to have those views, and not condemn or muzzle them.

It is much more difficult to reason with people who hold foolish beliefs. You can listen to all the arguments in the world, but unless you can put them aside and look at them with new eyes, you will never understand what they’re saying. Once a belief becomes fixed in your mind, it is very hard to change. People, unfortunately, have fixed notions about almost everything, including politics and religion, which limit their possible options.

What Is Conspiracy Theory

A conspiracy theory is an idea that is considered to be too big to fail. It assumes that powerful people control the news, the economy, the media, and the society. They believe that their conspiracy is the only true solution to any problem. If only it were that easy.

In their opinion, everyone except them were insane and their power over the world was unassailable. They felt so powerful that if only they could find out what everyone was really thinking, then they could do something about it. Unfortunately, no one could find out what other people were thinking because they ruled over those people.

Therefore, they believe their conspiracy theory is the only true solution to all problems. In their opinion, it would solve all problems, which it has for the past hundred years, since the inception of the world. They have convinced everyone that Wall Street does not run the world, that the United States and our banking system are fair, just, and honest. Therefore, these people think that anyone who challenges their theories is mentally ill and should be locked up.

Challenged Their Theories

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Some people have challenged their theories. How dare them! They say that those theories are just that–conspiracies. If that is true, then why would anyone challenge the wisdom of these conspiracy theorists? After all, if that were true, then surely everybody would be a conspiracy theorist. So, the fact that these theorists are not only correct, but far more than their opponents in this battle for truth is proof that their theories are true, which means that these theories are the truth.

The truth is what it is. It is what it is, and those who dispute it are correct and deserve to be called such. If someone has a theory, whether correct or not, it does not make the truth invalid because they have a different theory.


We live in a society that is riven by conspiracy theories. Some are paranoid delusions. Some are entirely serious. But, all are crazy. I challenge you to show me where there has been any substantial proof that your particular theory holds any water.

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