Best Books On British Monarchy

best books on british monarchy

History buffs will certainly want to pick up some of the best books on British monarchies. This is because they are fascinating, historical, and offer insight into the evolution of one of the most tumultuous periods in world history. The rise and fall of the Roman Empire are well-documented, and much of what happened during these years is covered in history books. This period in world history left many enduring legacies and learning about the British Monarchy can help one to better appreciate all that has happened.

Books on British royalty offer an engaging overview of one of the more intriguing periods in world history. They usually cover events that occurred centuries ago. This means that one is getting a thorough education in a way that is more engaging than simply reading history in the classroom or through textbooks. These books are also geared towards adults who are interested in broad subjects such as government and foreign affairs. This is because it often takes someone more in depth to understand and appreciate the intricacies of running a kingdom as massive as the British one. This is not to say that the subjects are simplistic by any stretch of the imagination, but they do tend to deal with less complicated themes.

Most Popular British Monarchy

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Queen Victoria is perhaps the most popular of all British monarchs. Her reign ushered in over a century of expansion for the British Empire. Victoria’s reign was marked by major advancements in every sphere of influence. These included the building of the Panama Canal, the transatlantic railroad, and the construction of the Sainsbury’s Chocolate Factory. All these feats were aided in by the extensive network of trade that the British monarchy helped to create. Without this, many of today’s nations would still be developing from the ground up quite a few centuries later.

The middle part of the 19th century saw major transformations in all fields of British influence in the globe. A new focus was put on the Indian subcontinent, with its interactions with Britain on trade and immigration issues. The Indian Empire was expanding into what we know today as Pakistan and, in addition to that, there was the tremendous growth of the nation of India itself. By the middle of the century, there were many books on India being published, many of which focused on this remarkable land. This is the period in history when many of the world’s most important and influential people were being shaped and formed.

Beginning Of A New Era

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This century saw many great battles fought across Europe and in the Middle East. In World War II, India came out on top, thanks largely to the efforts of Churchill and the British. India became one of the first colonies in the new world, and this signaled the beginning of a new era for India. After the war, the new government tried to modernize the country. This led to greater prosperity and development and a rise in literacy rates.

As the decades went by, India experienced a rapid decline in its economy and its population. This led to a dire need for manpower and an eventual decline in the birth rate. The once booming economy began to slow down as the working age rose and the percentage of working-age persons began to decline. This created the need for more persons to be employed, and so the work force grew. This has been a main cause behind the exponential growth of Indian literature.

Globalization And Integration

During this time of globalization and integration, many Indian authors took time off from their careers and traveled abroad to write about their experiences. They wrote about their times in India and also their views on various topics, including politics, economics, and society. Many of these books, known as English writings, reached the world and helped make India famous. The history of India has also been made popular with the Western world with a number of movies being made on the subject.


British Petroleum, which is today known as Shell, had exerted much influence over Indian policy and also on the Monarchy’s policies. So there are many books on British Monarchy in India that have been inspired by stories and events related to the oil company. There are also many biographies about the Bimbis and other royals. These best books on British Monarchies can be purchased from most leading bookstores in India as well as at online book stores. You will also find that many of these books carry a discount.

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