Best Conspiracy Theory Podcasts That You Need To Find Out

best conspiracy theory podcasts

The political framework that runs the life of each civilian has an opposing dominant-negative tenet that holds many. They believe in conspiracy theories and stand strong by what they suspect. So, here are some of the best conspiracy theory podcasts which will give you quick glance over the ideas which you might be unaware of. The experts in this concern trust their minds, and blended their thoughts into podcasts, trying to voice out their truth in support of the hidden world. So, what are the best conspiracy theory podcasts that can shake your regular life-

Starting The List With You’re Wrong About 

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The platform is hosted by two journalists, however, this intuitive duo really concentrates on topics such as child trafficking along with the anti-vaxx theories. There is nothing like conspiracy, they speak the concealed part of human life, which is not only sick but also very much disheartening.  

Next Is The Science Vs

The objective of the podcast is to separate facts from nonfiction. This genre explicitly talks about, everything, therefore covering huge sections such as fad diets and the recent critical pandemic situation too. Well, the audience even heard an episode over the Oumuamua asteroid thought to be an alien spaceship. Well, you can consider this podcast channel a massive source talking about all the conspiracy subjects and skeptic topics altogether.  

Let Us Now Talk About Lizard People

Many know while many still remain oblivious to the topic of Lizard people. The podcast humored the audience with their idea that Taylor Swift is none other than a satanic clone of a former priestess named Zeena LaVey. Well, you will also learn the conspiracy theory over Titanic is the ship that did not sink. Further, they believe that Prince Charles is a vampire. Basically, the list is huge. 

Now Let Us Talk About Generation Why

The platform came into being in 2012 and since then delivering its loyal listeners with some of the renowned crime stories. The podcasts also talk about conspiracy theories defending notable criminal cases such as the Golden State killer and the terrorizing case of Ed Gein. 

The Fifth In The list Is Those Conspiracy Guys

The platform talked about some of the renowned cases that took place in recent years such as the conspiracy behind Monsanto. Additionally, the audience also hears subjects such as cannibalism, Bruce Lee’s death, then the remarkable theme behind Tupac and Biggie’s death. To be honest, several of the episodes come with long running times. Make sure that you listen to the same while you planned a long road trip. 

Concluding With Some More Conspiracy Theory Podcasts

The list continues with-

  • American Hysteria
  • The Scarecast
  • Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know
  • The Conspiracy Skeptic
  • Conspiracy Beer me

Well, these are some noteworthy podcast that has the power to change the way you look at life. Besides being a game-changer, they offer you a world that might give you the insight to take a deep breath and watch life closely. These are fun and interesting aspect that one can take into consideration, However, if you feel uncomfortable,  then and then get out from the same for having mental peace is what our life demands

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