Brings You a Variety of Different Magnification Combinations! Better Observe the Specimens in Slides

Are you a biology student, and you want to know about how things look under the microscope? Almost all of us have been curious about how nature works, so we proved to have a microscope at our home all our lives. Now you should go for the handheld LED microscope, and it is pretty small and easy to handle. The best part about it is that it is pretty affordable, and you will be able to get it at a discounted rate. It is a world power, and you will be able to focus by at least 100x. So now you can do home experiments, and it is not going to be a problem. You can hold it with one hand and look through it, and it will give you a microscopic perception of objects. In addition to that, you can get a magnification range of 40-100x, and the material is high-quality plastic and glass. But before you invest in it, you should know about the features and the pros and cons of the same. 

Mini Handheld LED Microscope.

If you have many species and specimens to study, you should do it at home or in your school lab. But instead of the high and microscopes, this will do the trick. It is pretty magnificent, and it will require only double-A batteries. 

You will be able to get crystal clear images and buy them from a secure payment method. The best part is that you will be able to get it at home, and it is safe to deliver to your doorstep. 


  • Brand Name- wally sky
  • Magnification ratio 500 X and under
  • Model number- MG10085-2A
  • Features portable
  • Theory stereo microscope
  • Draw tube monocular
  • Item name portable pocket microscope
  • Magnification material- plastic and glass
  • Focus is adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Illuminated LED
  • Batteries needed
  • Weight 190 grams
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  • Now you will be able to get hold of the handheld LED microscope and study every specimen back at your home. It is not going to be very expensive, which is why you can have more than one of them. 
  • It is available at a discounted price of 11 dollars, and it is better that you get it on sale. 
  • The size is ideal for every individual out there, and you can select from numerous magnification options. 
  • It is pretty portable, which is why you can carry it wherever you go, and it is a stereo microscope that is monocular. 
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  • The material is high quality but makes sure that you do not directly place it in front of the heat. 
  • It will not take much space in your bag but make sure the lens does not get damaged from anything else that is in your bag. 


The mini LED microscope is one of a kind that will help you study even when it is dark. It has a great range of magnification which is why you should invest in it and leave it in your bag wherever you go. 

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