British Monarchy Chart To Help You Learn The Fascinating Facts

british monarchy chart

As we now know, Windsor’s house started in 1917 when the dynasty modified its name from the “German Saxon-Coburg-Gotha.” The grandfather of King George V of Queen Elizabeth was the first Windsor ruler and the royals that operate today are the heirs of King George and his wife, Queen Mary. Let’s learn more about the British Monarchy.

The background behind the Windsor House

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On 17 July 1917, King George V released the Decree stating: “The name of Windsor shall be carried by the royal house and families as well as the usage of all German names and title shall be replaced by that name by the British.

King George V, 1865-1936

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Queen Victoria’s grandson — and Queen Elizabeth’s grandfather — George V was born in the third line of succession but did not intend to become a monarch. Prince Albert Victor died in 1892, who was the elder brother of King George V. This lethal moment, followed by the death of King George’s father in 1910, compelled George to take the throne, ruling until his demise in 1936 as king of the UK and emperor of India.

King Edward VIII, 1894-1972

Edward, the eldest son of George V and Queen Mary, became king after his father’s death in 1936, but later, he plunged the nation into crisis when he supported Wallis Simpson, an American spinster. Edward as king, was head of the Church of England, which didn’t allow separated individuals to remarry in the church with a living ex-spouse. Therefore, the government forbids marriage. Edward abdicated in December 1936, unwilling to marry and stay on the throne, preceded by his younger brother Albert. Edward’s rule lasted just 326 days, one of Britain’s shortest.

Wales’ Prince

He was the very first son of the queen in the line of throne. He married Lady Diana Spencer, who was made duchess of Wales on 29 July 1981, and had two sons, William and Harry, who eventually split up, and their marriage ended in 1996.

Duke Of Cambridge

Prince William, the second eldest and most crowned son of Prince Wales. When he passed, Prince William was only 15 years old. He graduated from St Andrews University and was a potential companion of Kate Middleton. In 2011 the two married and became elected councilors on his 21st birthday.

Prince Louis Of Cambridge

On 23 April 2018, Cambridge’s Duchess conceived her third boy in St Mary’s Hospital, London. The Duke of Cambridge was also present during the birth of Louis Arthur Charles.

Duke Of Sussex

Prince Harry’s sixth throne line, he graduated from the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy and then became a lieutenant in the military and became a helicopter pilot. During his ten years span in the Armed Forces, Capt. Wales twice operated as a co-pilot in Apache helicopter and gunner in Afghanistan, from 2012 to 2013. He quit the Army in 2015 and is now focusing on humanitarian works, including preservation in Africa.

Summing Up

If we tally all the British monarch chart, some 16 members of the royal family are added using royal titles. It includes Queen Elizabeth II children and most of her grandchildren, along with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis – Prince William and children of Kate Middleton. We hope the British monarch chart gives you in-depth insights into the royal family and allows you to share the long yet fascinating journey of prince and princess.

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