Can a Lack of Trust in a Society Lead to Conspiracies

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The phrase “conspiracist” conjures up thoughts of mind control and the craft of world domination through controlling the masses themselves. That is not the whole truth, however. Conspiracies are often used to explain events, especially historical ones where alternative theories might have prevailed had the conspirators chosen to take their ideas elsewhere. To understand the full nature of conspire theories, it is important to understand what they really are. A conspiracy theory is an explanation of an occurrence which inspires a conspiracy by powerful and malicious groups, usually political in origin, when other more realistic explanations would be more plausible.

Consequences of Lack of Trust in a Society

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There are many different types of conspiracy thinking. In business, you could be a conspiracy theorist if you feel that competitors are taking advantage of your good fortune by cheating you through fraudulent sales and marketing practices. You might look at a current recession as proof that big business is manipulating the American people and their markets. Or maybe you believe that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is proof that environmentalist organizations are trying to poison the planet in order to gain political power. Regardless of your conspiracy theory, the mere thought of these ideas sends shivers down the spine because the mind works like any other weapon – it can hurt or help, depending on who wields it and how they use it.

One of the most dangerous forms of conspiracy theories are those that justify the need for force to achieve some goal. This is what makes some conspiracy theorists so volatile and dangerous. If someone suggested that the United States needed to invade Mexico to protect American lives, well, you could very well take up arms and fight them tooth and nail. Many conspiracy theorists would then claim that this was an act of “white terrorism,” which amounts to murder in their eyes and the necessity for soldiers to fight and kill innocent civilians in the name of protecting the population.

Okay so, let’s talk about this for second shall we? Just because a conspiracy theories expert says that you’re wrong because their beliefs are in line with logic doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to them at all or put their ideas on the shelf or in your head. After all, if something sounds too coincidental, it probably is.

Some conspiracy theories also have to do with gender differences. For example, if there are a lot of men in a certain area, and one of them has an increased risk of committing a crime because of that increased risk, they will certainly say that it is caused by gender differences. Now, I’m not saying all men are like that and all women aren’t like that. It could just mean that certain ones are more prone to crimes than others. The truth is that nobody knows what causes gender differences in the brain, and everyone is bound to have different opinions on that.

Other conspiracy theories have to do with religion. There are some who believe that the CIA or some other group is covering up the truth about a UFO or other flying object. They say that the governments that say they don’t know what is out there really don’t know what is out there. You could even say that their very own government has been hiding something from us. Not all of these conspiracy theories are ridiculous, but you have to look at the reasoning behind them before you believe them.

Some people also believe conspiracy theories that things like the moon are controlled by the Chinese. Now, I’m not saying that there isn’t any truth to these sorts of thoughts. I am only pointing out the fact that you would have to be very astute to use this line of reasoning. If there are Chinese people living on the moon, there would surely be some recording their own observations. You have to think about the math when you try to make this sort of reasoning.

End Note

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All in all, I think that you should give conspiracy theories some consideration before you jump to conclusions about something that is so close to your life. Before you spend time spreading around your own theories, maybe you might do some more research first and get the facts straight. In the end, it is totally your choice what you do. The bottom line is that if you find yourself asking questions, the chances are good that you are a believer too. I hope this piece has given you something to think about.

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