Cartoon Conspiracy Theory And Other Ideas You Should Know

Cartoon Conspiracy Theory

You learn many things as you grow up watching cartoons, they teach us lessons, manners, languages, behavior mostly the life of childhood, you even imprint few characters watching a cartoon. Cartoons are the stories that reflect much of your surroundings to make you addicted and more familiar with characters. Many of the cartoons are designed for good motivations to kids. Still, few of the cartoon theories are created with a good intention of taking real situations as inspiration. Still, these are turned out to be completely cartoon conspiracy theories.

Cartoon Conspiracy Theory Ideas

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Spongebob Squarepants:

This is the high rated cartoon conspiracy theory. It is believed that Spongebob Squarepants is the result of nuclear testing. In the cartoon, the place named bikini bottom is where Spongebob lives. It is explicitly cleared by the creator that the bikini bottom is the place below the bikini atoll island where nuclear testing was done in history by the U.S. Due to the excessive reaction of nuclear testing resulted in Spongebob and his friend birth, there were many areas where the explosion scenes were focused in this cartoon. Hence this was not proved yet but is believed.


The character Ash Ketchum is exposed to be in a coma throughout most of this cartoon. In this cartoon, Ketchum slips into a coma initially, and he keeps imagining many adventures all along in dreams. Everyone he meets and every action he performs is his imagination in dreams, all the hurdles he creates for himself, and overcoming it to reach his real world.


This is the cartoon conspiracy theory opposite to our real world. The characters that exist in this are ghosts, and they don’t age; the Scooby-doo cartoon is created to prove that ghosts exist in the real-world, and just because we behave to be over mature, we don’t accept it. Hence this cartoon does describe good ghosts do exist as well as bad on.

More Cartoon Conspiracy Theory Ideas

Ed, Edd n Eddy:

This show is impossible making possible. In this show, there exists a world of purgatory, where only kids exist. In the whole show, you don’t find any adult character to restrict the kids’ life. These kids are given complete freedom to do what they want. They go on an adventure. Demons rarely tortured them.


This is one of the cartoon conspiracy theories. This shows a cat lives in imagination and always keeps starving. Halloween themed cartoon, Garfield the cat wakes up in an abandoned house, calls out Odin and Jon’s names. He never receives the reply and starts creating the illusion of them and lives happily.

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Cartoons are always an inspiration for you. You learn many things by watching cartoons.

You learn cooking, gardening, health care, loving, relations, and many.

You will always have a special place in your heart for those characters which were your company all along with your childhood.


The cartoon conspiracy theory characters and shows leave a bad impact on your mind.

Few of the conspiracy theories inspire you to start thinking the way they are. You take the wrong path of inspiration.

These cartoon conspiracy theories affect your imagination levels and thinking.


Cartoons are the best entertaining part of your life. The only thing you are suggested is just to consider those cartoons as entertainment, not to bring them to mind, which may lead to the tragic history behind these theories to repeat.

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