Character Analysis Of Jem In To Kill A Mockingbird

Jem to Kill a Mockingbird

The novel “To Kill A Mockingbird” is all set in the Southern United States and states the lifestyle of people in the year 1930. Harper Lee has penned this very beautiful novel that talks about the prejudice and inequality in the society that prevailed in the year 1930s. The story portrays the life and change in life of people living in a fictitious town named Maycomb in Alabama. There lived a girl named Scout who used to live in Alabama with his father and brother.

Her brother’s name was Jem Finch and that of her father was Atticus. Their father was a widower and he has raised his two kids all by himself. He has always taught their kids to be patient and empathetic. In this article, you will be given a critical analysis of one of the most important characters of the novel i.e., Jem in To kill a mockingbird.

Introduction Of Jem To Kill A Mockingbird

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Jem Finch is also named by Jeremy Atticus, is a typical American boy who is very daring, as well as loves football. He has the characteristics of any regular boy of ten years old and loves to play with his sister Scout Finch. The story revolves around the life of these kids in contrast to the South American lifestyle and how it has changed over the years. He is four years elder to his sister and is protective about her. He undergoes his adolescent period during the course of the novel. The norms of the society, as well as the discriminative policies, has widely impacted the mind of Jem.

The Idea Of Bravery : Jem To Kill A Mockingbird

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One of the central themes that is attached to the character of Jem Finch is significantly based on the bravery of him. When the story began, you will get to see one perspective on his character and the way he used to view the society. On the other hand, as the story expanded and he became a young boy, his thought process of the society changed accordingly.

At the beginning, his knowledge of bravery was only vexed to the fact that he was able to take up any daring event. With the due course of time, that thought changes and his idea of bravery is clearly shown in the way he tried to protect his sister. The way he made his sister understand the outcomes of her actions in society, will give you an idea on how his perspective changed with time.

The Respectful Side

Jem Finch always considered his father to be an inspirational figure and he tried to incorporate all the ideals of him. The way his father was empathetic towards everyone, Jem also tried to be as kind as him in the due course of time. He respects his father a lot and even in one instance where he had left his trousers in the house of Boo Radley while playing, he went there to bring his pants back. In this way, you can clearly understand the positivity and purity in his character.


These are some of the major character roles of Jem in To kill a mockingbird and this helps in knowing a lot about the then society. Please let us know your views about this topic in the comment section.

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