Conspiracy Theories And How Much Truth Do They Hold?

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These so-called theories are a way to divide the people and keep them separated. People use them as the basis of many Internet posts and Internet discussions. It is nothing more than trying to make money from those that believe it.

What Is A Conspiracy Theory?

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A conspiracy theory is when a group of people come together and share false information about a particular subject, government, industry, or even about the world in general. The purpose of this is to promote a plan and have other people spread the lie as far and wide as possible. Some people will buy into the theory entirely, but others will not. It all boils down to the fact that only the truth will set you free. If you start believing in the theories and act upon them, you have yourself accused of being a conspiracy theorist.

Some of The Recent Conspiracy Theory


Parents have been spreading information saying that their Autism is a type of infection given to their children receiving vaccines. The fact is that there is no connection whatsoever. This type of “information” is spreading fast because people want to believe something over another.

· The Internet has also fueled the conspiracy theory flames. With most of the information available online, people can easily copy and paste it into blogs and articles. A simple search in Google will result in millions of results, proving that they need to believe that something is true. If the source of information says that there is no evidence linking vaccines to Autism, then obviously, there is no conspiracy theory.

Black Meme Conspiracy Theory

The black Meme conspiracy theory is a simple version of the whole truth is white is terrible. It is an idea that has been going on for centuries. Now, it is mainly on the Internet where it originated. People tire of seeing the white man in charge of their nations, cultures, and laws.

Many people are now calling the shots in the black conspiracy theory. They believe that those who bring forth these theories keep the white man from getting his way. They want to control the media, academia, and the laws that everyone must follow. They are using a psychological tactic to manipulate our minds. They know that if many people can see the truth, they will turn against those who do not know the truth and be more likely to agree with them.

This black conspiracy theory is a lie of propaganda. Those in charge of pushing the black version of events are doing so for personal gain at the expense of all others. They use the “naked eye” theory to keep the white man from seeing what is going on. If you think that the whole world is out to get you and only wants to serve the interests of the white man, you are mistaken.


Nowadays, it seems like just about anything can be on the Internet. It doesn’t matter how silly or absurd the theory is; it has many people spreading the word across the Internet. Believe what they say or read other conspiracy theory blogs and articles and check different approaches.

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