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donald trump rothschild family

Countries like America and other West European countries need to consider various strategies to deal with mass mediated terrorism and to overcome or prevent and stop the usage of information technology and new communication techniques employed by famous terrorist groups. Questions of security arise regarding the role of mass media in terrorism and how safe the federal government documents are, in such an environment. Due to the latest technology, large gaps can be formed in the security systems and national information and other secure files can be leaked or stolen. The cyber risks faced by military communication systems are increasing by the day. The president of America, Donald Trump has called upon all the silicon valley giants to work on security to fight terrorism.

Donald Trump Rothschild Family Conspiracy Mass Media Terrorism

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Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube allows the terrorists or terror groups to communicate directly with a number of audience from around the world, spreading their propaganda. They also radicalize their ideas and motives and recruit followers as new members of the terror groups.

The US state department had adopted various efforts to come up with new alternatives to counter terrorist groups. Many guidelines have been provided to media to report terrorist incidents even though it is not clear if the news organizations will follow these orders or not. Terrorism response professionals play an important role to deal with news and Media and communicate with each other and especially, with the public by using the Internet.

Tech As A Part

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Technology is a great disruptor, so it should be used to disrupt the terrorist from communicating with their dedicated fighters and their new recruits. This open platform shouldn’t be the tool they need to spread their propaganda. The communication giants have started working to disrupt the passage of information between the members of the Islamic State. Twitter TWTR is one of the platforms that have taken up the measure to ban any account which shares antisocial content and is trying to spread propaganda. Twitter has banned many such accounts. A spokesperson for Twitter said that Twitter condemns the use of their platform for any antisocial and violent act and such acts won’t be allowed on Twitter. Twitter has started changing its approach ever since ISIS started using its platform to spread propaganda and violence. Google and Facebook have also followed this path and have banned all militant activity-related accounts and pages.


The Bureau of Counterterrorism (CT) aims to strengthen civilian capacity and information sharing around the world to counter-attack terrorist threats and prevent the spread of violent extremism. They make use of a wide variety of tools and programs to isolate and weaken terrorist groups and their support networks by freezing their financial assets and transactions and preventing them from providing materials or support for social media networking. Many methods are also used to deny them access to the U.S security systems.

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