Emails Leads to the Epstein conspiracy Theory

epstein conspiracy theory

Some of these conspiracy theorists think that John F. Kennedy was killed due to a conspiracy involving the CIA, Mafia and other secret institutions of power in American society. Others believe there is a secret laboratory where drugs are developed that can turn US citizens into monsters. These people believe that Epstein, who is a billionaire, is behind all this and is running things from behind the scenes at the White House. All this is made worse by the fact that no one seems to be able to bring forth any hard evidence to back up these allegations.

Latest Theory Surrounding

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The latest theory surrounding the Epstein conspiracy theory concerns an innocent man who has been charged with sexually harassing a female employee at a popular online social media site. This man, Juan Williams, allegedly asked the employee if she would like to have sex with him. When she declined, Williams said that he would not serve as an escort for her. He then allegedly sent her a private message on a social media site that read, “I just remembered something funny last night. Want to try out that.”

There are a lot of people who think that this particular story is a setup, designed to embarrass and hurt the political ambitions of both President Obama and his wife Michelle. In fact, there are currently several lawsuits pending in federal court against the Obama administration over this incident. But what really is the conspiracy theories about? Are they actually worth taking seriously?

Linton Family’s Ties To The Epstein Investigation

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The first of these theories concerns the Clinton Family’s ties to the Epstein investigation. A lot of conservative websites have been promoting the notion that the prominent Democrats may have known about the existence of a sex trafficking ring going on at Epstein’s hotel in New York City all the time. The Clinton’s defenders argue that their close ties to the White House might have kept them aware of the probe. Of course, the Obama administration has made it clear that there is nothing going on there.

Another theory revolves around the death of Hillary Clinton’s close aide, Virginia Mccaleb. News reports say that she was found dead in a hotel room while staying at an Epstein event. This has since fueled rumors that the Clintons had some sort of role in her death-one of the many theories regarding the death of a former First Lady. There are even rumors that Clinton’s presidential campaign was somehow involved in this death-or that perhaps she was poisoned.

Popular Conspiracies

One of the more popular conspiracies surrounding the case involves the discovery of a love letter that Chelsea Clinton supposedly wrote to Epstein. Many believe that this is the reason why the Democrats lost the election last November. Many have also speculated that Obama might have had a hand in leaking the letter to fox news, which first reported the discovery. The truth of whether or not this is indeed the case remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain-a lot of people believe that both Obama and Clinton were involved in some way in the affair.

Final Words

These are just a sampling of the more outrageous theories surrounding the investigation. It is fair to say that the real motivations for both sides are still unclear. Some see Obama and Clinton as the enemies of the American people, due to their positions on immigration and the War on Terror; whereas others simply have an aversion to George W. Bush due to his policies on torture. No matter what you believe, it is clear that the Clinton’s are facing an uncomfortable situation at the moment, as they try to distance themselves from the negative spotlight that has followed them since Bill Clinton’s infamous” Lewinsky Affair.”

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