Everything You Should Know About Most Personal And Emotional Tracks- Eminem Mockingbird And The True Meaning Behind Its Lyrics

eminem mockingbird

Mockingbird is one of the popular songs by American rapper Eminem from his fifth studio album, Encore. Eminem mockingbird was released as the fifth single from the album in April 2005. From its release, it was popular among the public. It was able to take place on eleven numbers on the Billboard Hot 100 and number four in the United Kingdom.

The song was able to catch a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Solo Performance. Eminem mockingbird later made its position on Eminem’s greatest hits compilation album, Curtain Call: The Hits (2005). Isn’t it interesting? Do you want to know about it more it? Stick with our post; here, we will explore the backdrop and meaning behind Eminem’s mockingbird.

Storyline Of Eminem Mockingbird

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The song inscribes Eminem’s relationship with his daughters Hailie Jade and Alaina and his wife, Kim. The lyrics of Eminem mockingbird are a personal, undisguised account of his early relationship, and a single cover also features a still from the video of them with Eminem sitting on the couch. The song has a mix of original rap dialogue along with a melodic version of the traditional lullaby.

Critical Response Eminem Mockingbird

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David Browne of Entertainments weekly expressed that Eminem is working hard to become a good father.

An online music criticism magazine, HipHopDX, praised Eminem mockingbird by saying that Things get a bit better at the end.

James Corne of RapReviews and Steves jobs of USA gave a positive review to the song. However new york times gave mixed feedback. The Austin Chronicle gave negative feedback by saying that Eminem hates his ex-wife as much as he loves his daughters.

Awards And Nomination For Eminem Mockingbird

In 2005, Eminem mockingbird was successful in bagging Choice Music’s award: Rap Track in teen choice awards. The song was also on the nomination list for Best Rap Solo performance in grammy awards 2006.

Meaning Of Lyrics Of Eminem Mockingbird

The song has a deeper meaning behind those impeccable bars delivered by Eminem. Eminem mockingbird is an in-depth ‘apology’ to Hailie and Alaina for how things turned out for them. The singer says how terrible the situation is; he will always love them with everything he has and give up everything for them.

Eminem mockingbird talked about his troubled marriage and called his daughters little soldiers to go through several hardships. Eminem tries to reassure the two girls that everything is going to be okay. He addresses his deep love and care for them. It is relatable to different persons at different levels. The song is one of the most private and emotional tracks.


Eminem mockingbird features Eminem sitting in his empty house watching home movies about his daughters. The lyrics of the four-minute song was quite personal to the singer.

Eminem mockingbird received huge fame worldwide, few awards, and has 7.9 /10 in IMDBs rating.

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