Facts Everyone Should Know About British Monarchy

current british monarchy

It seems they can do it without much effort. Even with their hard core fans asking for a change in government they seem to be doing just fine. What is it about the British Monarchy that makes them so successful?

Well for starters the current British Monarchy has maintained its power for over three centuries now, which by historical standards is quite remarkable. Great Britain is among the few countries in the world to have kept their hereditary monarchy for more than three centuries. But there is some debate going on across the country as to whether or not the British Monarchy really should be abolished.

Buckingham Palace

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Some say that the current Queen Elizabeth is simply too old to be the head of state. And they say this despite the fact that Queen Elizabeth is eighty years old. They also point out that Elizabeth is not actually any more “important” than her predecessor Queen Victoria. Elizabeth is more popularly known as “Buckingham” owing to her familial resemblance. Many people are even under the impression that she is simply a modern name used by the British Monarchy to distance themselves from their royal ancestors.

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the current Queen Elizabeth. She is also the official residence of the Prince of Wales. Buckingham Palace is also the official residence of “The Duke of Gloucester”. So you see, the current Queen is not technically tied to the British Monarchy by blood but she still technically is a member of it by virtue of her marriage to the current Prince of Wales. Buckingham Palace is located in London and is visited by hundreds of tourists a day.

A Direct Lineal Descendant Of Charles II

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The current Queen has always been defined by the symbol of the Monarchy with regard to her being a direct lineal descendant of Charles II. This is one of several historical definitions adopted by the British Royal Family. However, some dispute this claim. Buckingham Palace was designed by Louis XIV. So, it would seem at least reasonable to assume that the current Queen is not directly a lineal descendant of any of the Monarchs.

The current Queen is the Dowager Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother, which makes her the fourth hereditary cousin of the current King. Her title is “lawfully wedded”. This means that she is legally married to the current King although her husband isn’t officially considered to be her legal husband by the Roman Catholic Church in England because they consider him to be the first.

The Princess Diana

One of her closest royal relatives is Princess Diana, the Queen Mother. If you have ever seen “ugu vivi”, the third movie in the Disney series, you will remember her. Her father, the then Prince Philip, was the last King of England and she was the next in line after him. There was an unhappy ending for her in that she was not expected to live past her child birth to the age of eight.

No member of either the Windsor family or the Buckingham clan is allowed to issue an imperial decree, which is the right of any hereditary member of the Order of the British Monarchy. In fact, only one grandchild of either the Windsor or the Buckingham family is allowed to do so.


This has led to some speculation that the current Buckinghams are simply pawns in the game of thrones played by the current Queen. However, there has been no official confirmation of this speculation. It is also worth remembering that even the closest members of the actual House of Windsor and the House of Buckingham bear the hereditary title of “Cunningham”, which goes back to the time when the two families first came into the marriage of their respective families.

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