Forms of conspiracy theory

conspiracy theory

A conspiracy theory is an explanation of an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy without warrant, generally one involving an illegal or harmful act carried out by government or other powerful actors. Conspiracy theories often produce hypotheses that contradict the prevailing understanding of history. Conspiracy theorists see themselves as having privileged access to special knowledge unknown or unreported by the mainstream media or academia.

What are the most common forms of conspiracy theories?


1- The first form is that of a grand conspiracy, which proposes that powerful individuals are secretly plotting against the general population.

2- The second form is that of a bureaucratic conspiracy, in which government institutions are accused of acting in cahoots with each other to produce an effect opposite to what citizens desire.

3-The third form is moral panic, in which public fears over an issue are blown out of proportion by pressure groups who wish to seize power or otherwise further their agenda.

4-The fourth form is demonization, in which a particular group of people are accused of being part of an ancient conspiracy to subvert the prevailing social order for nefarious purposes.

5-The fifth form is technology transfer, where advanced technologies are believed to be acquired by way of the closure of secretive advanced research programs like the Philadelphia Experiment, whereby advanced propulsion technologies are acquired.

Technology transfer does not necessarily refer to illegal activities or cover-ups; rather it refers to an often overlooked tendency of the Pentagon and other military institutions to adapt civilian inventions for use in warfare.

6-The sixth form is pseudo events, which are paparazzi-driven media events designed to distract the public from an otherwise undramatic yet more critical event.

For example, a doctored photo of President George W. Bush holding a book upside down at a press conference was widely circulated in comparison to photos of him observing a moment of silence for victims of the September 11 attacks.

7-The seventh form is occultism, in which powerful institutions such as the government and media are said to be influenced by secret societies or belief systems such as Freemasonry.

8-The eighth form is neo-McCarthyism, in which an attempt is made to link a political movement or individual to communism with little or no evidence in hopes of discrediting that movement or individual.

9-The ninth form is cults, which are self-contained belief systems unrelated to any political agenda except survival and expansion of their own members.

10-The tenth form is false flag operations, in which a government stages a terror attack against its own people in order to justify war against another country or internal repression of its own people.

For example, the Reichstag fire is often cited as a false flag operation staged by the Nazis to consolidate power; however there was no clear evidence that then Chancellor Adolf Hitler ordered the burning of the Reichstag in order to obtain emergency decree powers. It would appear that this conspiracy theory has jumped the shark.

11-The eleventh form is mass hysteria, which is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety that spreads through a group of people.

12-The twelfth form is population control conspiracy theories, in which an undue emphasis is placed on birth control methods in order to reduce the total human population of the world.

13-The thirteenth form is medical conspiracy theories, in which people refuse to accept any official verdict on a matter and instead believe that there is some secret cabal within the government or pharmaceutical industry suppressing natural cures for deadly diseases.

14-The fourteenth form is romanticism, in which conspirators are assumed to have superior knowledge of human motives and are therefore able to exploit them for their own nefarious means.

15-The fifteenth form is false flag terrorism, in which a government stages a terror attack against its own people in order to justify war against another country or internal repression of its own people.

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