History And Features Of The Matt Black Guitars

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The life-size representation of BC Rich Mockingbird, the smartest bird on earth, may have long been considered a symbol of smarts. The shape of the BC Rich Mockingbird may be either adored or loathed. It is always associated with the famous book and movie by Dr. Seuss called “Kiss The Mean Old Plumber.” I’ll tell you why.

Many Underlying Meanings

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I grew up loving the book, and I do; however, I also realized that there were many underlying meanings in it. One of them was the message that everything is possible. I’ll be the first to admit that I always had pictured Mockingbird guitars as loud, crazy-sounding guitars. However, the recent discovery by guitar buffs of true-to-life replica Mockingbird guitars has made me realize that this image of the dumb jock is a myth. The truth is that Mockingbird Guitars are very sweet-sounding guitars with incredible craftsmanship.

Mockingbird Guitar

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The neck of the most accurate Mockingbird guitar is crafted from a solid cedar core. The sound is crisp, rich, and balanced like a fine wine. There is a phase reversal on the third string, which gives the Mockingbirds an extra twist of sound. This phase reversal happens when the strings, on the offbeats, are struck parallel to one another but at the same time on the third string.

Cedar Core Neck

The guitar’s neck is also made of a cedar core with a medium flex. This allows the guitar to resonate well without adding any glue to the guitar or to sand the maple body very thick. On the front of the neck, there are two large fluence pickups with large toothpicks. These large picks allow the guitarist to play very intricate chords with ease and fluidity. The precision construction and the great-sounding guitar are the highlights of the BC Rich Mockingbird Guitars.

Maple Necks

One of the best features of these guitars is that they have maple necks. This makes it easier for the guitarist to play clean and acoustic music without worrying about unwanted feedback or unwanted scratches. Many professional musicians prefer the Matt Black finish to the more popular gold or ebony finishes because it is less noticeable to other people. It fits in with the tone of the music that the singer wishes to create and blends in nicely with the aesthetics of stage performances.

 Genuine Pewter Finish

The guitar’s fretboard has a genuine pewter finish, and the tuning keys are fully variable. These features make the BC Rich Mockingbird Guitars very popular among professional musicians. The Evertune system gives the guitarist the freedom to experiment with different octaves using only one set of strings. This feature also gives the player immense control over the volume control.

The Evertune system

The Evertune system was designed by Bill Bourne, who was a renowned music producer in the seventies. He believed that the invention of the overtone system was his masterpiece, and he wanted it to be this way for all his guitars. To achieve this goal, he spent countless hours creating the various sounds and melodies heard on all his albums. Many famous musicians use the Matt Black finish on their guitars, including Stanley Clarke, Jimi Hendrix, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eddie Van Halen, and many others.

In Conclusion

One of the greatest innovations of the Matt Black Guitars is its use of the vibrato system, which allows the guitarist to produce several complex chords. Although these pickups are highly effective, they can be reached over a very long distance. The resonators inside the body of the guitar work by creating a pressure wave that adds depth to the sound produced. Some famous musicians who use the Matt Black finish on their guitars include Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eddie Van Halen, and Steve Vai.

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