How The Rothschild Family Tree Inbreeding Came About

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The Roscliffe family, the progeny of Annebredh Rosecliffe and her husband Richard, had been closely allied with the royals for many years. They had been one of the wealthiest families in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. The family was so affluent that it was said they even furnished the queen herself! In the latter part of the seventeenth century, a lady named Augusta of Parma became the confidant and lover of King Louis XIV of France. This lady was married to the young son of Roscliffe, Lord Northbourne.

The Death Of Lord Northbourne

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When Lord Northbourne died in 1760, his wife Augusta moved to France, taking two children, William III and James IV. It was while she was staying there that she began working on the Roscliffe family tree. She named her son James “Wee,” which meant uncle or aunt. This family tree inbreeding is so extensive that even the future British prime minister, John Major, was a descendant of Rosneath House. It has also been suggested that Princess Diana had an additional half-brother, James, whom she fathered on her marriage to the well-to-do Northbourne. It should be remembered that not all family tree inbreeding members have been traced to the same branch of European royalty.

Family Trees Without Royalty

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 Several family trees do not involve royalty, and these branches are American, Celtic, Jewish, Norwegian, and Polish. The mixing of different cultures brought about the first two. For the Jewish family tree, a member of each tribe intermarried to others from other tribes so that their families were mixed in the genealogical history. The Nordic family tree had several branches, and the most common was the branch known as “Gymnastics.” It consisted of Scandinavians and Jews who intermarried.  The Jewish family in the North America branch had marriages with the Indians and pioneers.  This occurred even after the Jewish population had been dispersed throughout the world.

Marriage Between Distant Relatives

Marriage between distant relatives also contributed to the formation of different branches of the family trees. It often occurred among those who lived close to each other, but it usually involved at least one generation of kin for marriage to be successful. Many of the branches of this family tree inbreeding resulted from marriages that occurred between Jews and Gentiles. The Gentiles mainly were Jews that converted to Christianity, and they were absorbed into the Roman culture. There was another case of the family tree inbreeding when a member of the same tribe interbred with a member of another tribe. 

The Consequence

The outcome of this was the formation of what is known as the “Roots Family.” These were a prevalent type of family in many families, as the Jews would have mixed their blood with the Gentiles of Europe, and the newcomers would have mixed their blood with the Jews. Not all branches of this family tree inbreeding produced results that are the same, but they can all be traced back to the idea that the Jewish bloodline is pure.

Criminal History

Some of the Rothschild family tree branches did not branch off until much later, and they are still part of the same family tree today. The branches that did branch off dealt with crime. Many of these branches are the ones that are dealt with today in the prisons throughout the world. They are some of the worst criminals in prison, and they are kept segregated from the other inmates of the prison based upon their criminal history. The idea that the Jews have kept prisons in place because of their bloodlines makes this family tree all the more enjoyable. There is no natural way to explain how the original Jewish people immigrated to America without the influence of the Rothschild family in some way.

 In The End

 The Jews are one of the few families that have a direct line of blood that traces right back to their roots and to the idea of God. Any family tree that does not trace its roots back to this idea is not giving proper attention to the genealogical truth. This is why it is essential to look at the modern-day ramifications of the Rothschild family inbreeding when looking at the Jewish genealogy charts online.

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