Biggest Kill A Mockingbird Quickly Blunders

A small bird perched on top of a green plant

If you want to learn how to kill a mockingbird, then it’s important to know what makes these birds so fearsome. Mockingbirds are known for their mimicry ability, which allows them to effectively copy the sounds and movements of other birds. A good way to identify a mimic is by watching for squiggly, bobbled calls. When you’re looking to learn how to kill a mockingbird, the call that they make should always be high-pitched and annoying.

These birds have large feet and legs, giving them an advantage when trying to hide and strike at your birdhouse. Because of their size and legs, they can often run away from a predator before you get the chance to see them. Another tactic is to disguise yourself in order to blend into the surroundings. 

A Similar Strategy To One You Might Use To Catch A Real Bird

A small bird perched on a branch

If you want to learn how to kill a mockingbird, then you need to use a similar strategy to one you might use to catch a real bird. When you’re going after a mimic, you need to first hide. Use some bushes, trees or other cover to create a safe spot where you can wait for your prey. The best place to do this is somewhere that is hidden from view or to the side of the birdhouse.

Next, lure the bird you plan to kill to an area where it feeds often. Mockingbirds will often feed at bird feeders during the day, so it will be easy to identify your target after you’ve found it. You should also choose a quiet area where there are no other birds or animals for the bird to get into trouble with. If the food or water is visible to the mimic, they may not be deterred and continue to feed.

Wait For The Bird To Enter And Begin Stalking It

A bird that is standing in the grass

Once you have chosen a spot, wait for the bird to enter and begin stalking it. It is best to keep your distance and let the bird approach slowly and carefully. This way, you can better determine when the meal has reached its peak.

When you finally spot your meal, move in close and try to hand feed it to ensure it is getting everything it needs. Keep your fingers out of its mouth to prevent it from grabbing the food. Try to get as close as possible without touching the bird, since it may use that grip to climb onto your hand. Once you have the bird on your finger, hold it over the bird’s head and give it a nudge with your foot to get it moving up and out of the way, which should cause the bird to fall to the ground.

Use A Stick Or Broom Handle

Use a stick or broom handle to strike the bird firmly in the center of its back, while moving in a circular motion. Continue this motion until the bird falls to the ground, allowing you to pick it up with a towel or other item to put it in a cage. Place it in a bird cage and secure it with a slight twist so it will not roll forward. Continue practicing how to kill a mockingbird quickly until you feel confident in your ability to do so. Once you are comfortable, practice more until you can kill the bird with just one touch.


The best thing to remember about how to kill a bird with one single touch is that you must have a very strong hand. This will ensure that you do not lose control of the situation and have the bird fall to the ground dead. It is important to stay composed when doing this so you will not panic. Your aim should be to make the bird stop flying altogether rather than have it fall to the ground.

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