How Will an Asteroid Pass by the British Monarchy Houses

british monarchy houses

The British Monarchy houses the third most valuable land in the world. And they do not intend to let that happen. In fact, they are busy restoring it to its former glory. This article will discuss the restoration of the British Monarchy and how the rest of the world is viewing it now. I will also explain what those QE stimulus packages really mean.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is located in London. It is one of the most important locations in London and is also home to the twenty-three important post offices in London. The area has been a victim of vandalism in the past and has posted an interesting warning on its website. It has noted that the post office at Kensington and Chelsea has been rated as the safest in the whole city.

All About The British Monarchy Houses And Asteroid

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On the day before Halloween, the moderators of the Kensington and Chelsea Post Office noticed that there was a message on the website about an upcoming asteroid hitting the planet. A photo of the predicted asteroid was posted on the site along with some interesting details about it. According to the post, which can be seen in the link below, the asteroid will hit on October 13, 2021, and it is hoped that the post office in Kensington will receive some “celebration and gifts” from the incoming meteorite.

The prediction is not the first that the Royal Borough has made regarding the coming fall of an asteroid or comet. Back in August 2021, the moderator of the website noted that there was a big change that would affect millions of people’s lives. It said that there would be a strong shift in the gravitational field that will cause an asteroid to move out of the system, and it will pass by Earth on July 3rd. The author of the post then explained that a major shift of this magnitude will happen in 2021. According to him, this will happen just ahead of the year’s Goldstone in South Africa. He went on to say that he saw the prediction as very good for anyone living in or around the area, and he hoped that his prediction would be true.

Numerous Theories Available

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There are a lot of theories about what will cause these rare earth-bound objects to pass by Earth. Some believe that it is due to some global shifts, and others believe that it is because of a comet. The Egyptian author of the prediction mentioned Comethai as one possibility, and he also mentioned another comet that could come very near to Earth, which could destroy a large portion of the asteroid belt. The British Monarchy houses Siva, and if it is anything to go by, then the House of Saud could very well have something to do with the coming of a comet.

Who Is Siva

Siva is the Hindu god of knowledge, intelligence, healing, and prosperity, and therefore it would make sense that the House of Saud may very well have something to do with a comet that passes by Earth at a fairly high degree. There has been much speculation as to whether the comet will make it by the year’s end or not, but there is a lot of talk that it could make it by July, which happens to be the month when the British Monarchy houses the Stone. Although we can’t predict exactly what will happen to it, we can expect that the Mayan Calendar will be impacted by it, and we can also expect that the Mayan people will celebrate its passage by digging their own grave.

If the asteroid comes too close to Earth, perhaps even hitting it, then we will see drastic consequences on the planet and it’s people. There are those who say that we should destroy it, and there are others who believe that we should simply deflect it away from Earth. Which choice will be made? Can we trust the Chinese to safeguard our interests? Which group of “elite” scientists will help us make the correct decision?


These questions and many more are being asked by those who watch the Chinese on a very regular basis, as well as those who read The Book of Kaali. You see, there is a prophecy in the Kaalipoor written by an Indian called Kancha Kumar Bedi. It talks about how the British Monarchy will be saved from an asteroid that may come very near to Earth. In order to do this, the Monarchy must outfit all their spaceships with a “vessel of protected gases” called “Theshield”. This is a giant solar-powered vacuum, with enough power to protect the human species from any harm that the asteroid may bring.

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