Learn About the Mysterious World of American Conspiracy Theory

american conspiracy theory

The mere suggestion of that idea brings out the angry right wingers and the paranoid. Many Americans believe they have a right to investigate whatever they want. If the duly appointed and sworn in elected officials don’t do what we want them to do, then we can do it ourselves. That’s our constitutional right isn’t it?

Know Your Rights

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We have a right to investigate and hold those accountable who are running our country. Our nation is being run by an un elected, ill-informed, and largely secretive bureaucracy. We have allowed the American people to waltz into a tax-free tax world because of our leaders. We are spending way too much money on the military, and poor leadership has allowed us to borrow far too much money. Many of our elected leaders don’t even understand why we are in Afghanistan, or why we are fighting there.

Why is our government building new ships, tanks, aircraft, and jet fighters when we are short of money? All this money was supposed to be used for homeland security and to fix our horrible infrastructure. How could our government be so financially bankrupt? Many conspiracy theorists believe that our government doesn’t spend its money wisely, and because they don’t know what is going on they must be protecting something.

Government Conspiracy Theories Revolve Around Drugs

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A good many government conspiracy theories revolve around drugs running into the country, missing plane tickets, secret black projects, UFO sightings, mind control, big oil, or just another boondoggle. Is our government really covering something up or is there a much larger conspiracy going on? Many are willing to believe that our government is involved in any and all conspiracy theories, some of them quite believable.

Theories Become Real Irritants

Some of these conspiracy theories become very real irritants. The birthers are very upset about everything from Pres. Obama’s birth certificate to his original birth place. There are many other conspiracy theories that range from a bit of urban legend to outright wild yarns. It is easy to become lost in the web of conspiracy theories. It can be hard, however, to separate fact from fiction.

The truth is that most conspiracy theories start with one fact and work back to multiple other facts. Take the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Many people believe that there was an oil rig in the area previously owned by the Chinese. Now there are rumors that Chinese companies are in fact suing American companies over the oil spill and holding all of the profits. While many of these conspiracy theories are true, it is also worth remembering that many of them are completely false. This has not stopped many individuals and groups from claiming their version of the truth.

Bottom Lines

If you are trying to find something that has happened that is suspicious, you can always check with the American conspiracy theory website Bellingcat. There you will be able to read about many different events that have occurred in the United States. As with any website, be sure to check out more than one to ensure that you have reached the end of any given story. If you are thinking about writing about a conspiracy theory, it might be best to keep it very basic and just tell people what is exactly happening rather than rambling. Many people like the simplicity of a conspiracy theory, so remember that it is easy to write one!

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