Mel Gibson Considered a Conspirator

mel gibson conspiracy theory

The Cable Guy Movie Review: A Movie Review of The Cable Guy by Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson plays an average cable guy in the opening scenes. He works for an insurance company that has mostly good employees. He also has a daughter named Renee who works as an assistant to him.

In the second half of the movie, the conspiracy takes centre stage. Gibson turns into an even tinier character. He barely speaks and the audience quickly notices. Alice, his love interest, slowly becomes more prominent. Eventually, the conspiracy theories take centre stage, as both try to solve the mystery of the “conspirators” and themselves.

The Cable Guy is one of the most ridiculous movies I have ever seen. It is so bad, in fact, that it makes George van de Kooning’s Bonnie and Clyde look like a genius. The storyline is so stupid that you question if the writer realized that he was actually writing a movie. It just makes you wonder how someone could waste their time and talent on such a terrible movie.

Mel Gibson Conspiracy Theory

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So what is the conspiracy about? There are several theories, all of which make sense. One of the most popular ones involves the clashing of DNA samples from two men. One of them (Bob) was found with a scar on his head. The other man (John) did not have a scar. The kicker is that Bob has no memory of the night he disappeared and John has visions of the crime.

Another theory revolves around whether or not there was a way for the government to get DNA samples from people. The reasoning goes something like this. If the government could get someone’s DNA without the person knowing it, then they could clone them and make an exact copy of that person. Then they could do research into that person’s history, including finding out the same things about them that they would find about a normal person. This would explain why both men look alike.

The third theory has to do with whether or not there really was a UFO landing at Roswell. People have been discussing this theory online for years. Did the aliens really land there and bring back samples? If so, why did they only leave one type of material? Could it be that the material was too fragile and it needed to be handled very carefully or the aliens were afraid that something might happen and they took the samples for another purpose?

The movie has caused a lot of discussions since it hit the theatres. Many people are speculating on exactly what happened there. One of the theories that have gained enough momentum is that the government ordered the crash of the craft. This is one of the most popular theories. There is plenty of evidence that the government has been covering up some evidence that is embarrassing. Many people think that if the government really did order the crash, then they wouldn’t have allowed any film footage of the event to be made.

A Much Ado

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Whatever the case, Mel Gibson has certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest. He has definitely drawn attention to the theories surrounding the movie and those who have discussed it. Some of the theories are true, while others simply not true. It all depends on what you think. It also depends on whether or not you believe Mel Gibson is a conspiracy theorist. Weighing the facts is the best way to decide.

The Mel Gibson conspiracy theory is one that is relatively easy to verify. Gibson definitely has said that he had a very intense dream about the catastrophe that occurred in the movie. Many people have reported seeing the same thing. If someone else can explain what it was that Mel Gibson saw, then the conspiracy theory has some merit.

The other theory surrounding the movie involves a cover-up. There are many theories out there saying that the accident was staged so that it would look as if something terrible had happened. Some people feel that this is the case with the aviation collision scene in the movie. Did they cover up the actual scene with a crane so that it would appear as if something terrible had happened? Maybe, or maybe not.

Bottom Line 

The movie Mel Gibson conspiracy theory has caused a lot of conversation within the scientific community. While some scientists do not totally believe that the theory is true, others are absolutely convinced of its truth. All in all, it is pretty amazing that something like this even has a place in today’s society. Do you think it is related to the fact that the mainstream media is constantly pushing conspiracy theories? Perhaps we will see many more movies such as this one in the future.

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