Most Famous Conspiracies: Find Out What Really Happened on 9-11

most famous conspiracy theory

That the most famous conspiracy theory about the space race is that humans never actually reached the moon is just the most famous one. Think about this theory popularized in a science fiction author that the first human to walk on the moon was sent there to die. Then talk about the US not participating in the Moon Race. Why did the US refuse to participate? Did they fear the Russians or Chinese would take over the lunar colonies and colonize the Moon?

That an alien spacecraft crashed on the Moon is the second most famous conspiracy theory. This one involves crashed aliens from the Moon or another planet. The fascinating aspect of this theory is that there are more than a few alien races believed to have lived on the Moon. If the US went to war with the Soviet Union and refused to go into space, were these alien spaceships used to spy on US activities in the solar system, or was it instead of a way for the US to detect alien activity in our solar system? Is there a correlation here?

That vaccines cause autism is the third most famous conspiracy theory. Many parents believe that their children got vaccinated and then developed autism. Is this a true story, or is it simply a ploy to hold back information about dangerous substances in vaccines? There are many theories out there but what exactly happened is still unclear.

Most Famous Conspiracy Theory

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That a giant alien spacecraft landed near Roswell is the fourth most famous one. How did the US discover Roswell? Was it a US secret project, or did they just happen to pick up a signal from a “flying saucer” and document it? Was the original US military project the same project that found the “Roswell crash” – called Operation Paper Clip? Was this another example ofcia and Lennon working together at the same time?

The fifth most famous conspiracy theory surrounds the United States Air Force and Roswell. Did the US government secretly build its own base in Nevada around Roswell? If so, why then destroy all of their radar records after they left town? If the United States Air Force did build its base in Nevada around Roswell, why did they destroy all their radar records or put the information on the tape?

Famous Conspiracy Theory

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The sixth most famous conspiracy theories surround Project Blue Book. Project Blue Book was a top-secret project run by the OSS during World War II that was designed to keep tabs on all United States radio operators. All of those records were supposed to be destroyed after the war. Yet, many people do not believe this to be true. Is this another example of how the CIA keeps things from the people?

The seventh and last most famous conspiracy theory revolves around the bodies of the crashed Airplane passengers and their immediate families. What is the real story about how these people died, and what really happened during those monumental events? Did something happen to them that caused them to jump out of the planes without their passengers? Do the families of the passengers still have the real story to tell or are they part of the endless conspiracy to hide some dreadful truth from the rest of us?

Bottom Line

The truth about conspiracy theories has never been sure, and there are many different theories out there that are just plain fun to listen to, read, and consider. Even the most famous ones come with some sense of doubt. Why do people doubt these stories of great aerial achievements? It may have something to do with the fact that most of these stories are completely ridiculous or completely made up. Perhaps we have become a totally different society since the military dropped those atomic bombs on Japanese cities in World War Two.

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