Movies About The British Monarchies

movies about british monarchy

A lot of movie lovers are excited about the upcoming Christmas movies. People are getting excited because of the royal implications of such movies. One of such movies is the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. This film will surely be a box office hit amongst all the other Christmas movies this year. There are many other installments in the saga of the British Monarchy. Some of them are the Hollywood movies that we have seen till now.

Disney’s Film Received A Warm Welcome

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The film of the same title, produced by Disney, has received a warm welcome amongst all the Christmas viewers. The movie depicts the life of the British Monarchy throughout the different periods of its existence. It shows the contrasting lives of the royals and the commoners during the rule of Queen Elizabeth II. In the period of her reign, there was a total change in the social structure of England.

Decline In The Communal Aspects

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During the times of Queen Victoria, there was a total decline in the communal aspects of life. The people were not even aware that they lived in a republic. A centralized government replaced the British Monarchy with centralized powers. The ‘lords of Britain no longer ruled the British.’ Every individual benefited from the privileges and benefits of the British Monarchy. The new system brought an end to the discrimination against the minorities in British society. It enabled all the community sections to participate actively in the nation’s social and economic life.

Significant Change In The Name Of The British Monarchy

During Queen Victoria’s rule, there was a significant change in the name of the British Monarchy. It was now known as the British Empire. Queen Victoria is known to be one of the most popular and well-known Queens in Monarchy history. Her reign witnessed a vast development in the all-embracing arms of the British Monarchy. Several of her successors have left beautiful footprints on the Monarchy’s history books.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-serving queen in the British Monarchy. She reigned for thirty-six years from 1869 till her death in 1900. Elizabeth is known to be one of the most popular Queens of modern times. She has reigned for fifteen years and was responsible for laying the foundation of the Union Jack and the diamond crown.

Movies About The British Monarchy

There are many movies about the British Monarchy that depict the periods in which different Queens reigned. The famous ‘website’ of the Monarchy is also referred to as Buckingham Palace. The official title of the queen is ‘The Queen consort.’ There is a direct correlation between the number of times the queen is pictured and the importance of the movie. For example, in the film ‘vuitton,’ there are several pictures of the queen, accompanied by other prominent British Monarchy figures.

Two Distinct Phases

There are two distinct phases in the life of any Queen in the British Monarchy. The first phase is known as ‘The Regency Period,’ and the second is Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. During the Regency Period, the British Monarchy was represented by four different Queens, Eliza, Adelaide, Mary, and Elizabeth. All four Queens reigned for additional terms.

Summing Up

The most common scene in movies about the British Monarchy is the scene set around the year 25th century, where there is a riot in which the English Royal family attacks the Roman Catholic Church of Rome. This attack by the English Royal family marked the start of the first world war I. This was the first war that Britain would enter since World War II. The movie ‘guitton’ contains a scene where Queen Elizabeth II is seen with her mother and step-sisters at a Christmas feast. This is one of the most famous scenes from a movie about the British Monarchy and one of the most sentimental scenes in cinema.

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