Online Restaurant Theory Pizzagate and the Wayfair Conspiracy Theory

Wayfair Mystery continues. Recently we featured a story on the mystery of Wayfair, Virginia. In the story we wrote that the mystery surrounding the alleged missing children in that area has been puzzling parents for over 20 years. So, I decided to take the time to do my own investigation into the matter. My hope is that I can help you solve the mystery and get answers to your questions.

Wayfair Mystery Continues

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I was able to find several links to Wayfair rental properties posted on Craigslist. The Wayfair conspiracy theory states that very expensive cabinets posted for sale on the business’s site were actually missing kids. “Is it true that Wayfair is involved with human trafficking with their new WFX Utility group? Or perhaps these are just very overpriced cabinets?”

One Wayfair Place in Parkersburg, West Virginia has a lot of WFX Typewares on their website. Several of them show pictures of what appear to be the same child that appeared on the posters. Another clue that could go along with this theory is that the yellow “A” lettering on the cabinets says “aundry”. Also, the yellow “A” in the corner of the front of one building matches a “Y” pattern that is also used in the wayfair store. Wayfair is a popular place to buy or rent cheap shower curtains in the area.

A couple of tweets that I have found interesting support the wayfair conspiracy theory. On October 8th, 2021, Redditor matthews willy twitter: “I saw them on 4chan. There’s a pic of a girl with a few kids in a car, who looks like she might be mom-ish and I’m thinking that Wayfair would be a place to do that sort of thing if they hire their son to do it for them.”

Days Later Editor Pennymaker Posted

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“There’s a link between Wayfair and child sex trafficking. Someone mentioned it on /r/tribes but I think that’s a misnomer since Wayfair isn’t an actual location that way. It’s a name of a company that offers washing services. Someone mentioned it on Twitter as well.”

So how could all of this be true? There are several theories circulating around. Some of them have to do with employees of Wayfair Music Factory who are posting photos of their latest work on social media sites. Others are more believable and are based on previous behavior of employees and contractors. The fact is, no one has been able to point to any evidence that Wayfair Music Factory employees or anyone else at the business is guilty of anything. The viral internet rumors started because someone thought it was funny to circulate the theory that wayfair was somehow involved in some disgusting human activity and then that theory spread like wildfire.

More About Wayfair Conspiracy Theory

This is not the first time that a Wayfair conspiracy theory has circulated on the internet. In fact, several of them have appeared in recent months. Most of these theories claim that Wayfair Music Factory’s CEO Sam Thompson is gay because his ex-wife had an affair with another man. Other websites say that he’s actually straight, but because he’s been dealing with economic problems at the business he’s decided to let go of his wife to save his own hide.

Last Words

Of course, none of this has been confirmed by either Wayfair or by anyone from the business itself. Even if there were proof of some wrongdoing by the business owners, they would still be innocent because no one could prove that their actions were indeed the result of a deeper conspiracy. However, many people still believe that this pizzeria and their owners are somehow linked to a far-right conspiracy, including the pizzeria in Dulles, Virginia that has gained a reputation for being a fake one. One man even posted on Instagram, “Pizza in Dulles, VA is a fake. Way fair owns it, put that down.”

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