Orlando Shooting conspiracy Theory – Can a Orlando Shooting Conspiration Really Be Trusted

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What if there was really an Orlando shooting conspiracy theory? Do you think that the shooter did not shoot himself or herself or that there is more than one shooter? This is one of the questions that people have been asking themselves since the Orlando shooting happened. Here is some information on the topic.

We know that the Orlando police identified one shooter. So how can we determine if there were two shooters? Well, one way of determining if there were more than one shooter is to determine exactly how long the shooting took place. If the shots were going on for only a few seconds, then it is highly unlikely that there were two shooters. But if the shots went on for many minutes, it is highly likely that there was more than one shooter. In fact, this phenomenon has been referred to as a “mass shooting.”

Orlando Shooting Conspiracy Theory

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The official police report also said that the shooter was the one who called the police from his apartment and that there were no injuries on the way. However, some people have been questioning this. So, what is the latest conspiracy theory about why the police stated that there were no injuries?

One theory is that they did not call the SWAT team because they thought that the shooter and the police were going to kill each other. The other theory is that they called the SWAT team because they thought there might be more shooters. Now, you might say that both of these theories are possible. So, which one is it? Well, you will have to decide that for yourself. There are just too many variables involved here to simply believe the official police report.


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If you do not believe the official story, then you can still look into this Orlando shooting conspiracy theory. For starters, if there were more shooters at the nightclub than reported, then it could have a lot to do with how the police handled things. For instance, it could be that the police shooters accidentally missed and opened fire on innocent people instead. Of course, this could also explain why there were so many dead bodies in the car and the water. It could be that the people in the car and in the water were shot by the police while trying to escape the shooters.

If this was done intentionally as some suspect, then it could also explain why so many shots were fired. Many suspect that this is what took place. You may want to look into this Orlando shooting conspiracy again. The point is that you should look into whether or not there is anything to this theory. If you still do not believe it, then you can go ahead and think about it for yourself. Do you think that it is worth going along with this conspiracy theory, or do you think it is nothing more than another attempt to distract you from the real facts?

The fact of the matter is that many people are coming up with their own conspiracy theories regarding the Orlando shootings. There are even people who say that the shooting was a hoax carried out by left-wingers to drive white Christian voters to the polls for a sore loser Hillary Clinton in the upcoming Presidential Election. Is all of this going to come out in the end, though? Who knows? Only the election results will tell us.

Final Word

You may be able to avoid being influenced by a conspiracy theory. After all, who wants to believe in something just because you happen to be told by someone that it is true? Especially if there are solid reasons to believe that the theory is true.

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