Powers of the British Monarchy – Must Know Facts

powers of the british monarchy

A monarch is a person who has got his or her powers as their hereditary right. The United Kingdom is continuing to pass this right until now as the U.K still has Queen Elizabeth II, as the head of the state or their monarch since 1952. Although, nowadays, people want a democratic government that’s why Queen Elizabeth does not make much use of her power like previous rulers. But that does not make her less powerful than any other monarch as she has many powers in her hands. The following are some official as well as interesting powers of the current head of the state of the United Kingdom:

Appoint and fire elected officials

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The queen has the responsibility to appoint the new prime minister for the state who takes charge of office after a proper ceremony with a private audience. She also has every right to fire the elected officials in the House of Common in case of any discrepancy. However, till now the queen has not fired anyone.

Implementing or rejecting new laws

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The proposed bills are signed by the queen first before they are converted into laws. This means that if the queen wants, she can reject the law if she finds it unsuitable and not beneficial for the state. Even though she has not rejected any proposals which came to be signed off by her till now.

Drive without license

The Crown is the only person in the United Kingdom who legally does not need the permit to drive. She is also allowed to drive cars without a number plate. The Queen is well known for her excellent driving skills all around the globe. She has even served as the first-aid truck driver during world war II.

Does not need a passport to travel abroad

Queen Elizabeth does not possess a passport which is a necessary document to travel into foreign countries as they are issued in her name only. Despite this, she has traveled abroad many times.

Declare wars

The Crown is the only person in the United Kingdom who can declare war with any other country if she thinks is necessary. No other official, even officials of the House of Commons or House of Lords are allowed to do so. Also, in case the queen declares war, they cannot object to it. They have no choice but to agree to the queen’s decision.

Opening and closing parliament sessions

The Queen officially opens every new session of parliament with her speech called “Queen’s Speech”. Earlier she had the power to dissolve the parliament as well but it was eradicated in 2011.


It can be concluded that even if the Queen has reserved some powers for herself, she does not possess any political powers to act independently.

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