Project Mockingbird Conspiracies That Everyone Should Learn About

Project Mockingbird

To identify and eradicate the leakage of information related to government operations and activities, project mockingbird served as a CIA program. It focused on the communication factors that led to such issues. Journalists were one of those entities that were curious to dig up sensitive, confidential government data. This data was political and could destroy the internal or external harmony if spread.

History Of Project Mockingbird

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Project Mockingbird was initially used by John F. Kennedy to spy on Hanson Baldwin. The CIA took the necessary steps and proved with valid transcripts that the national reporter was publishing classified information in news articles. The sensitive data spreading through telephone included materials from Top Secret and Special Intelligence agencies. This activity or operation continued from 12 March 1963 to 15 June 1963. Later in 1975, somewhat similar information sharing was found by three newsmen. However, the FBI refused to proceed and concluded that the CIA has no authority in doing so.

Recent Activities Of Project Mockingbird

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Project Mockingbird was publicly open in June 2007. The CIA declassified 702 pages of document related to counterintelligence and security, widely relating to it as the Family Jewels. It made public the past and present activities that were under the CIA’s project mockingbird.

The telephone activities evaluation and interpretation were later replaced with electronic surveillance to get a hold of information shared as the communication technology advanced.

Operation Mockingbird

Same as project mockingbird, operation mockingbird served on a large scale. It recognized the misconducts in and between the United States and the Soviet Union. The target personalities belonged to mass media, and the CIA operated a deliberate and systematic program to identify the manipulation of governmental and national security information to third parties.

These investigations took place secretly and confidentially. The interactions were tapped and later produced as valid proofs in the form of transcripts.

Later, when the Church Committee gave its report, the CIA immediately took down all the allegations on the US news service, newspaper, radio, and television network. These included full-time and part-time journalists and freelancers as well.

Despite being shut down, the original documents are still publicly open. Titled under the Central Intelligence Agency activities, the digitized box 3 of the US President’s Commission contains the tapped telephonic conversation of newspaper columnists during 1975. Other operations under the project mockingbird are also documented and declassified for public display. Individuals can easily find these on the internet and research about the mockingbird operations, the type of information, methodology, and its potential causes and results.


The focus on information leakage through mass media created propaganda in the United States that was opposed by the media persons stating it as violence to professional independence. It caused a threat to individuals’ security as they were continuously under CIA observation. The American mass media demanded non-accreditation for conducting fair interviews freely and drafting those in the newspapers, magazines, or electronically. Ultimately, public opinion was considered, and the CIA dropped and declassified the project mockingbird.

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