Qanon Conspiracies – Why the Latest Qanon conspiracy Theory is a Big Lie

qanon conspiracy

Many people believe that the Quaternion group is behind the Hezbollah war in Lebanon. But what they do not know is that the group is actually an Israeli spy operation run by a Mossad agent, according to many reports. One Israeli general said that if Hezbollah was really agrasshed off of Hezbollah he would have arrested them himself as the head of the Israeli intelligence service, he publicly stated. Many theorists are saying that if President Bush was in office today he would have arrested both the Lebanese government and the Israelis for letting Hezbollah and Iran cross into Israel. Another theory is if the Jews were in control of Israel then why would they allow Hezbollah to set up bases in south Lebanon?


Another theory on the events of yesterday is that there was an international terrorist attack on the American Consulate in Beirut. Many theories say that perhaps Hezbollah was trying to get American Embassy personnel to work there as they normally do, but instead the attackers struck an Israeli consulate. If this is true then maybe the qanoon government made it look like the iranian attacked an american consulate to divert the blame away from themselves. They turned the story into a terrorist attack which harmed the reputation of the country. This would explain why the president is saying that there is a Qanon conspiracy.

The Current Theory

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The current theory on the scene is that the president has been briefed by his deep state handlers about the investigations that are being done. In other words he has been warned that something fishy is going on. Something is about to come out that will rock the world. It has been speculated that he knows about the qanoon secret but is holding back because he is worried about the backlash if the truth comes out. He knows that if the truth is uncovered he will be taken to task by the media, congressmen, and the media and the deep state which are the enemies of the president. They have kept him in the dark.

Secret Club Of Globalists

Another theory is that there is a secret club of globalists who work in the UN and the world community. Their goal is to keep the peace in the world and they may have leaked information that the president is involved in a qanoon plot. They believe that the president is a secret member of the qanon. If the truth came out they would immediately have to start removing the president and arrest anyone who is a member of the secret society. Therefore they are keeping him in the dark.

Summing Up

It is also believed that many of the leaks that are coming from the Democrats have come from some very high level sources. The Bush administration was no doubt in charge of many leaks that have ruined the reputations of the democrats and the Bush administration in general. Many of these leaks have come from disgruntled former employees. These same employees believe that the Bush administration is shielding the Bush name from being spoiled and have no problem leaking on behalf of the democrats.

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