Queen Elizabeth Children – From Oldest To Youngest

queen elizabeth children

Queen Elizabeth is one of the most searched and famous people in the whole world. The grand family adds a lot of taste to the news. This year Queen Elizabeth received and embraced her two great-grandchildren named august and Lili, respectively. Now, we all know who Prince Charles is and about his family. Do you know who Prince Charles’s mother is? Well, we know you all must be saying, isn’t it obvious! But, is there only one son of queen Elizabeth or does prince Charles have other siblings. There are many questions that one seeks. To know the answer, one must know about Queen Elizabeth and how she is running the monarchy. There are a total of 4 children of Queen Elizabeth

The monarchy rule of Queen Elizabeth is famous, and we think everyone deserves to know about who will be the next heir to the throne and what is the role of Queen Elizabeth’s children.  

Know About The 4 Children Of Queen Elizabeth And Who Is Considered As The Next Heir

The list and the names below will help you know about queen Elizabeth children in a more easy way: 

Prince Charles

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The ultimate heir to the throne and have the authority to take over when the monarch steps down, or the queen passes away. He is 72 and the oldest child of the queen with his husband, Prince Philip. He was known for being the husband of princess Diana, but the couple divorced each other in 1996 and had two children before that. 

Anne Princess Royal

The only daughter of Queen Elizabeth, who is 70 and now stands on number 16 to the British throne and the fun fact is that she was on number 3 when she was born, but due to the added family members and Prince Charles children and grandchildren, she is on number 16 now. The royal princess was first married to Mark Phillips and had two children with him but then divorced him and married Timothy Laurence. 

Prince Andrew

He is 61 and a prominent figure in the family. Though he stepped down from the royal duties still, he is always there for his family. He had two children with Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson. The happy couple is divorced but still maintains a cordial relationship with each other.

Prince Edward

The youngest child of Queen Elizabeth is Prince Edward, and he is 57. He does not share the same fame as his other siblings, but he is a prominent figure in the family and performs his duty very well. He is married to Sophie Rhys-jones and has two children with her. 


There are many things that everybody would love to know about the British family and, most importantly, the hierarchy and the tree of the British family. These 4 were the queen Elizabeth children that you may have seen on tv. 

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