Review of Mockingbird hill cottage

mockingbird hill cottage

The brilliant hydrangea is blooming profusely. The limelight, unlike my Annabelle hydrangea, flowers later in the summer. These blooms will eventually become pink. It’s a lovely plant, full and luscious. It’s simply a quick tour of the large garden bed and the beds near the porch. Everything was in bloom, and the weather was warm and pleasant, so it felt like a beautiful time.

About the place

A house with a grass field

Mockingbird Hill Lodge extends a hearty welcome! You could wish to spend some time in nature with your family and friends. Alternatively, a 5-minute drive will transport you to the hustle and bustle of our distinctive small-town attractions. Each evening, go to the luxury of our four-bedroom cabin and unwind in mattresses built for a restful night’s sleep. Whatever you pick, don’t forget to enjoy the pleasure of welcoming the sun with a cup of coffee on the front porch swing. You may tuck the sensation away and return to it as required to feel rejuvenated.


A snow covered mountain

The place has a long sloping driveway and is built into a hill. You will discover it to be a secluded, calm refuge surrounded by nature. You may spend your days visiting local sights, shopping, eating at one of our many local restaurants, or exploring the countryside if you prefer. If you prefer to eat in, the kitchen is fully equipped, and there is a gas grill on the front porch for your convenience. This is a lovely garden area with mountain views, surrounded by woodland. On 10 acres, it is entirely private. The grounds are beautiful, and the lodging is cozy, homely, and well designed. It’s a tranquil and pleasant place to unwind.

Guest access

A double sink, four-burner ceramic stove, microwave/convection oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher are included. Cooking utensils, plates, and silverware are plentiful in the cupboards. A variety of coffees and teas and spices, precise and sauces are offered in the kitchen. A three-burner grill and an outdoor coldwater basin are located on the cottage’s cedar deck. In the treetops, there is a second viewing platform. The outdoor patio immediately outside the private entry has a fountain that adds to its attractiveness. The owner has access to the grounds. A day before check-in, you will get a lock code through email.


Guests may cook on a propane BBQ on the deck side of the home, which boasts mountain views. The sky is clear, making it an ideal location for seeing shooting stars. A path leads to a second deck high on the cliff, which serves as an excellent viewing point and a spot to catch the wind. A waterfall tucked into the rocky slope on the other side of the house is a precise ideal spot for stargazing, especially when lights buried in the rocks flash on the water with the turn of a button. With beautiful flowers and mountains to gaze at during the day, an open sky to consider at night, and a loving dog to snuggle up at your feet, it’s a wonderfully peaceful place.

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