Rothschild Family Illuminati- An Enigma

rothschild family illuminati

There is a lot of Enigma encompassing the Rothschild family and its bloodline with The Illuminati. It is believed that the Rothschilds and the holy grail have a common bloodline. Right now Jacob Rothschild is the head of the Rothschild dynasty and he has married in an inter-caste manner with the Sinclair family. There is an important alliance between the head family of the Illuminati as well as the descendants of the grail family. There is a lot of popularity regarding The Illuminati because of The Da Vinci Code. He brought out the essence of the holy grail and it is believed that these two words of Scotland descended from Jesus Christ as well as King Arthur. You have to understand the essence of the Rothschild family Illuminati and the relation to the holy grail. 

Brief overview

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According to The Da Vinci Code put forward by Dan brown the supposed descendants of Jesus are actually not from that family. But they are definitely related to the holy grail. It is a myth that whosoever is related to the holy grail will have to be Christians, but actually, they are Kabbalists. 

The reality of the bloodline

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Just like all the other aristocratic blurred lines which are related to Illuminati, this family also descended from Guillem De gallon during the eighth century AD. Guillaume had a father named Rabbi Makhir and he used to rule the Jews in Baghdad. He was sent to the west after a dispute during the successor overturning process. When he was in France, he took the name of Theodoric and he was also appointed as the king of the Jews. 

The Holy Grail

The holy grail is also known as sang real or royal blood and it refers to the bloodline of Jesus. But in reality, it was the blood of king David and it was a representation of the fallen Angels known as Lucifer or Satan. The descendant of Guillaume de gellone was the Sinclairs, and he had a great-granddaughter named Poppa of Bavaria. She married the Viking leader and one of their descendants was William who was the conqueror of Normandy. One of the Sinclairs did not like the conqueror so he went on to Scotland and wanted to work for king Malcolm of Scotland. 

The family Tree

The family tree between the Rothschild as well as The Illuminati is quite confusing which is why you have to trace it a long time back. In 1980, Jacob Rothschild resigned from the family bank and the bank started to be run by his cousin known as Evelyn. The Rothschild family is the deciding factor of many of the laws and they are also the founders of the Rothschild foundation. There is also a masonic symbolism that you can see and it comprises a pyramid with an eye in the middle. 


Now that you have the knowledge about the relationship between the Rothschild family Illuminati, it should no longer be an Enigma to you. If you want to know more you should study the family tree intensively.

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