Royal Monarchy Wealth And Its Controversies

British Monarchy Wealth

Britain’s Royal Family has been one of the world’s most sought after, yet secretive, aristocratic families for centuries. There is no doubt that their wealth has always been considerable and they are by no means a poor class, but some people have believed that their wealth was controlled by others in the royal family.

It has long been suspected that the wealthy families in the British Monarchy have used their position to manipulate the economy and the media in order to promote their own interests. In recent years there has also been controversy surrounding the number of deaths which have occurred in the Royal Family due to car accidents, suicide and natural causes. These are just some of the questions that many people believe need to be answered concerning the Royal Family and their wealth.

Some Facts To Know

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The Royal Family has never openly denied that they have had control over the economies of the countries in which they rule, but in public they have simply said that they do not have a control over the economy. In the past they have also claimed that they do not have a personal wealth account, however recently they have stated that it exists. They do, however, say that they do not maintain an account as their children are entitled to it, according to the terms of the Crown Estates Act.

In addition to this, some believe that the Royal Family has been involved in many scandals with the Roman Catholic Church, claiming that the Queen Mother is in fact a saint. In the 1970s there was a scandal involving the Queen Mother and the head of the Catholic Church, Cardinal Cooke, and this resulted in the Archbishop of York being forced to resign. This led to the Privy Council being introduced, which is a governing body that oversees all the members of the Royal Family including the Queen Mother and the Prince of Wales.

Other Scandals Of The Royal Family

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Other scandals include allegations that the Queen Mother has tried to influence the government into making changes in the laws and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. There have also been reports that the Queen Mother has been seen giving out presents from the royal bank account which she controls to members of the Royal Family. Other reports indicate that she has used the Crown Estates Act to obtain a large amount of cash to help her with her pension fund.

Many people believe that the Royal Family has been trying to hide their wealth, and this may be a reason why many of them have become so reclusive in recent times. Many people believe that they want to remain above the public gaze as they continue to make their millions from their businesses. However, others say that they simply prefer not to discuss their wealth. There is no proof that they are hiding anything.

Others have speculated that the reason they stay so out of the limelight is because they have access to more money than any average person, especially when they are still living in the same old country. One of the most common theories is that the wealth and prestige they derive from their position made it very difficult for people to steal from them, even if they were to go on the run. Some also believe that the royals are too old to be affected by the same economic instability which is often experienced by people their own age, and therefore they have kept their true wealth and position.

Bottom Line

Whatever the reason the British Monarchy Wealth has continued to be a topic of discussion for many years and some believe that it may finally come to light. Whether it does, we will just have to wait and see.

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