Some Of The Horrifying And Craziest Titanic Conspiracy Theory

titanic conspiracy theory

The titanic incident has horrified people all across the world. On April 14, 1912, the Titanic ship got hit by a massive iceberg and sank down, taking more than 1500 people’s lives. This is the most famous tragedies which influenced many stories, rumors, films, and the music industry. This huge ship was en-route from Southampton, England, to New York City. This Gigantic ship was designed by Thomas Andrews. After the ship got sank in the water, there was various titanic conspiracy theory which brought by different people to justify the death of 1500 people.

Secret Message Unveiled In The Ship Hull Number

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There was a horror titanic conspiracy theory which rumored around stating that the hull number of the ship was 3909 04, which when reversed in mirror states “No Pope.” Due to this, the catholic workers who are involved in the construction of this ship believed that there would be some mishap or unfortunate is going to happen with this ship. There were many books that questioned the reputation of Harland and Wolff for hiring only Protestants.

Mummy’s Curse On The Titanic Conspiracy Theory

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Is it a curse which decided the fate of the Titanic? There was a tale which states that there was a haunted mummy that was boarded on the ship and was transferred to New York City. But this Story was declined, and the confirmation came up that there was no Haunted mummy on the ship. The main reason for the ship to sink was human error and a shortage of life-saving boats.

German’s Were Involved In The Titanic Conspiracy Theory

There was a new conspiracy which came out that the German U-boat was involved behind the tragedy of Titanic. There were some Survivors who witnessed some unidentified object in the sea before the sinking of the ship. This titanic conspiracy theory was not holding those proves and evidence, which resulted that this is not possible and made this theory null and void.

Jp Morgan Was Holding One Conspiracy Theory

One of the richest and wealthiest men, JP Morgan, was looking forward to establishing banks in the United States of America. But there were three wealthy men who were looking forward to opposing this bank creation. As all these three people were the main problem for JP Morgan, so it was claimed that he intentionally sank the Titanic ship as these three people were on boarded in this ship so that can get successful in his aim. There were many researchers and writers who claimed through their book that this is not possible and it was nothing but one more unproven titanic conspiracy theory.

There are various rumors and theories which were pulled to justify the tragedy of Titanic. But actually, the main reason for the life loss was the less number of life-saving boats and human error, which resulted in this huge tragedy, which give birth to lots of titanic conspiracy theories.

Titanic tragedy was one of the biggest learning lessons for so many manufacturers, and there were many titanic conspiracy theories that came up, but in the end, people lost their lives, and the theories are still rumored.

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