Some Unusual British Monarchy Power Still Retained

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You must be wondering how the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge have so much power; well, you should stop right there. First of all, you may not know, but they have recently welcomed their new son, and now Kate has literally left people wondering whether she would practice attachment parenting or not. Although, this is a whole different topic and we would better discuss it later. For now, we are here to discuss the main difference that has set the royals apart. We know this question has been popping up in your mind for a long time now, just like us.

Let’s break the ground.

Unusual British Monarchy Power Not Many Knows

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The great royals still have a few unusual powers that no other British citizen has, or they would probably have ever. Without any further ado, let’s just find out the below-mentioned points to get your facts clear!

Did You Know That The Monarch Can Choose The Prime Minister?

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We know that the post of prime minister is democratically elected, but what you do not know is, Monarch has the power to select the minister in the majority. In fact, according to the letter of English law, the prime minister can be dismissed as well as appointed by the Monarch. This is one of the most unusual powers that they have, and we know you are already surprised. But the main thing is, Monarchs are even open to utilizing this power as in using it in a way other than ceremonial would be nothing less than catastrophic.

The Retention Of Crown

You may not know, but it is not only about the ruling Monarch that they can be considered completely above the immune from all types of civil or criminal actions and law. This immunity is basically extended to servants of the Crown, which includes the prime minister.

The Monarch Has The Power To Stop An Official Action

Well, this is the ultimate surprising point for most of us, and we know it. According to it, an article was published in 2013, civil servants and ministers are genuinely obliged to consult the Prince and Queen in huge details. Not only details, but the areas of legislation were also needed to be discussed. That one article has finally revealed that the secret peppers that were not at all meant to be released, but they have anyway, and there you will find the actual power and control that the royals still have on them, and this might seem a bit controversial too!

However, if you want to get a detailed and closed look at how everything has been controlled or decided, then you may watch a series named “Queen” on Netflix, and you will literally be amazed to watch that one. Watching the era of the Royals will surely give you goosebumps, and to some extent, you will be able to understand these things and surely be able to relate. We hope you have got your facts clear, and now, you too have the idea of the Monarch’s unusual powers!

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