Spine-Chilling Dark Strange Conspiracy Theories Of Coronavirus

conspiracy theory coronavirus

The sudden outbreak of covid-19 has forced the entire world to cease everything. With China being the epicentre and the USA, Europe being the worst-hit regions, coronavirus has managed to make the impossible possible. People lost not only their livelihoods but also their lives amid this pandemic. Now the streets are talking, and mills of rumour are being run over time. The internet is flooded with Conspiracy Theories of Coronavirus

Spine-Chilling Dark Strange Conspiracy Theories Of Coronavirus

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The Hideous Cover-Up by the Chinese Government: The Government of China tried to subdue the effort of insiders to warn everyone about the outbreak of covid-19. This is an alarming point, even though the rumours are not substantiated. However, there is no smoke without fire.

The Prediction of Coronavirus in a Novel: Out of all the Conspiracy Theories of Coronaviru

The Projection of Coronavirus done by Simpsons: The Simpsons is very well known for various reasons. One of the crucial reasons behind its fame is the prediction of several incidents that were done in that animated show a long time back. From the attacks of 9/11 to the Presidentship of Donald Trump, everything was predicted in that show. However, one of the latest incidents that threw light was the projection of the flu, similar to covid-19. From the spreading of the virus to the year of the virus’ outbreak, everything matched.

Covid-19 was engineered in the labs of China: Since the outbreak happened in Wuhan, Donald Trump, without any evidence, declared that everything started in China’s laboratory. But, there are still no strong shreds of evidence on this one. This, out of several Conspiracy Theories of Coronavirus

The Boogaloo Movement: The Boogaloo Movement is an online networking site started by some activists. As per the research, the conspiracy theory of this movement shows that the USA Government has used the epidemic for restricting the freedom of citizens of America who have been interested in calling for a civil war.


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There is no end to the Conspiracy Theories of Coronavirus

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