Take A Review Of Some Interesting Episodes Of Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory

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Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory is an American television show that airs on truTV and is hosted by Jesse Ventura. From 2009 to 2012, it aired three seasons before being cancelled in 2013.  Jesse Ventura looks into conspiracy theories like global warming, hidden societies, state surveillance, and top-secret projects. Ventura links up with a group of investigators during the first season, including sceptic Alex Piper, journalist June Sarpong, and detective Michael Braverman. In a few episodes of season two, Piper is replaced by investigator Daniel Kucan. Here is the breakdown of some of the top episodes telecast by the Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory show.

Secret Societies

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Ventura infests the Bilderberg Group, a highly clandestine annual gathering of elitists who reportedly plan world dominance methods, including a “voluntary forced vaccine,” infancy hotels under severe protection. Since the 1970s, the WHO has maintained that there are too many people on the planet and that vaccinating individuals is one way to sterilise them. The location and guests of these private gatherings are frequently revealed on the internet. Despite the fact that most episodes of Conspiracy Theory have been replayed, this episode has only been shown once, owing to the controversy surrounding the episode’s content.

Police State

Ventura is joined by Alex Jones, a conspiracy theory radio presenter, as they investigate the government’s preparations and processes for establishing martial law. They’re looking at new law enforcement “fusion centres” that might be in charge of rumoured internment camps for U.S. citizens deemed a national security danger. After a dispute, this episode was temporarily deleted from TruTV.com’s second season episode list.

Manchurian Candidate

Ventura and his team look into rumours that the CIA is resuming its effort to convert regular people into programmed killers and super-warriors using hypnosis, experimental medicines, torture, and other techniques. In addition, he encounters a man who claims to be a genuine Manchurian Candidate.

Plum Island

Ventura explores the enigmatic Plum Island Animal Disease Center, which has been accused of being a bio-weapons research facility responsible for the spread of Lyme disease and other deadly viruses. He also discovers that the plant will be relocated to Kansas, smack dab in the middle of cow country, which may mean disaster if hazardous contamination is spilt into the food supply.

Apocalypse 2012

Some believe the world will end in 2012, and Ventura investigates rumours that the US government has devised a doomsday plan to save the wealthy while leaving the rest of the people to fend for themselves. Ventura also visits the Denver International Airport, which features strange artwork that appears to portray a “road map” of Apocalypse plans.

JFK Assassination

Ventura examines a series of allegedly confidential CIA documents that link the killing of John F. Kennedy to the Watergate affair that brought down Richard Nixon, as well as probable participation by other US presidents including Gerald Ford and Lyndon B. Johnson. He speaks with Marina Oswald Porter, Lee Harvey Oswald’s wife, to learn more about the notion that Oswald was a CIA operative who was framed by his handlers.

Great Lakes

Ventura investigates the potential of “Blue Gold” and why companies and the super-rich are buying up water rights all around the world, maybe as part of a strategy to dominate nations and their people. He investigates evidence that the same techniques are being used in North America, perhaps resulting in the theft of the Great Lakes.


During the September 11 attacks, Ventura looks into the possibility that a missile, not a hijacked aeroplane, hit the Pentagon. Issues such as the FBI’s failure to release surveillance video; debris and damage uncharacteristic of a jetliner crash; the extreme difficulty of crashing a jetliner at high speed into a specific ground target by an amateur pilot; and ties to a possible cover-up of $2.3 trillion in unaccounted taxpayer money announced by then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld just a day before the crash are all being questioned.

Wrapping Up

TruTV’s largest audience for a new series premiere was 1.635 million people for the first episode. The program drew 1.5 million viewers during the first three episodes, up 60% from the same time slot a year ago. The show averaged 1.6 million viewers in January, helping truTV have its best month in prime time ever. Linda Stasi of the New York Post wrote, ‘Whatever truth is out there, it’s filtered here through what is arranged more as an adventure series than a documentary’.

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