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Do you feel like you feel the need to inspect everything so that there are zero flaws in the same? Especially if you have a jewelry shop, you need to be responsible for the quality control of the things you are selling. But for that, you need the correct set of equipment that will help you with the venture. The microscope comes in a tiny size, and you can get many options in the market. But it would be best if you went for a specific product with a word-of-mouth reputation that is easy to handle and carry. Today we are going to talk about one such product, and it will help you to inspect things in a picture-perfect manner. Here is everything that you need to know about the same so that you do not have any confusion before investing in them.

Handheld Portable Microscope For Jewelry And Inspection

This is a portable and easy-to-use device that is good for inspection purposes, and it will help you do a detailed analysis of any object. It is pretty universal and has a clip for cell phones. If you want to have a magnifying glass for species and other jewelry items, then this device is going to work much better. The magnification of the device can go up in a range of 60-100x. The battery is 2AA batteries, and the size is 82*45*25mm. It has a very sturdy build, and it is also easy to maintain and store. You can literally carry it in your pocket, and the material is ABS acrylic glass. The package incorporates a clip and microscope, and the weight is pretty light as well. Buy the microscope to take photos and videos, and you can collect them on the SD card to view later.


  • Brand Name- Inpelanyu
  • Magnification Ratio- 500X &Under
  • Model Number- JJ07384
  • Material- Other
  • Features High definition
  • Theory- Other
  • Drawtube- Other
  • Color- 16*8*3.8cm
  • Price- 19.57 dollars
  • Category- science, and biology
  • Magnification- 60-100x
  • Battery- 2AA
  • Size- 82*45*25mm
A close up of a camera


  • This is a small and portable handheld device that you would want to buy if you want to check the ingenuity of species or any jewelry item. You can even record photos and videos while analyzing the same. 
  • It comes with a retail price of 19 dollars, and it is relatively cheaper than any other device that you can check in the online store. The magnification is pretty good, and it is so lightweight that you can carry it in a small bag or pocket. 
  • The material is highly durable and has a universal clip to use to attach to the cellphones. It is available at sale right now, and the original retail price is 29 dollars. 
Graphical user interface


  • There is no backlog as such but make sure that you are not putting it to rough use. 


According to the overall verdict, it is easy to use the device to inspect small items whenever you want. 

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