Tequila Mockingbird – A Book Review

tequila mockingbird

The ultimate book in reference to alcohol-induced, high-end, margarita-fueled fun is now available in English from Barons Books! This second printing of Peter Butt’s popular tequila mambo drinker’s guide brings the much-loved “Mockingbird” characters straight to your fingertips. Experience the free world of tequila and mambo from the inside sources found in this top-rated reference work. Welcome to the club, “the mambo!”

Tequila Mockingbird

A glass of wine

It’s easy to find great tequila mambo recipes – why not start with an authentic recipe? Whether you crave the spicy pepper taste or the ultra-dry sherry taste, you can find all of your favorite drinks right here. And don’t worry; there’s no foul language or alcohol-induced behavior to ruin the mood. Enjoy the free flow of conversation that comes naturally when you’re having fun reading about the rich and famous. Mix it up in your own inspired way.

With his razor-sharp observations and witty banter, Peter Butt created the complete resource on bartending, mixing drinks, and drinking recipes. In this second printing of his acclaimed cocktail book, Peter Butt offers up new recipes, mixing methods, and beverage recommendations. This second edition of his tequila mambo cocktail book features more than one hundred new recipes, including favorites like strawberry Daiquiris, Margaritas, Mint Juleps, and the ever-popular Mojito. Butt breaks down the rules of mixing drinks in ways that leave the guests breathless and suggests a myriad of interesting approaches to decorate palettes.

Things To Know

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This second printing of Peter Butt’s tequila mockingbird collection features the same brilliant writing style found in the first edition. With a wealth of information about common drinks and how to make them correctly, the author provides a clear understanding of how and why they work. Butt uses simple language to describe complicated concoctions, and he demonstrates his points with short, concise sections that explain concepts in simple English. In short, this is an excellent text for any professional barkeep, as well as anyone who enjoys great cocktails and want to understand why they work so well.

If you enjoy the easygoing quality of the old Margarita but are tired of hearing about how high priced tequila actually is, this is the book for you. The author introduces you to some of the more popular new brands and explains why they are chosen over more established brands. With lively discussions about pricing, flavor profiles, and other issues, you’ll learn how to make great tasting cocktails using quality ingredients at prices you can afford.

Important Aspects

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this book is its conversational nature. Rather than regurgitating facts and figures into your ears, Butt takes a casual tone, making it easy to relate to and enjoyable to read. (Margarita | watermelon | drink | author) The author starts out with a quick discussion on watermelon and its impact on the Margarita, then delves into information on how to make a good Margarita and much more. The final chapter details the best kinds of alcohol to drink when making a Margarita, including sangria, Cava, Da Vinci, and more. In short, this is a fantastic guide for any serious drinker or just someone looking to understand a little more about the traditions and flavors of the Margarita. As with most of Butt’s books, this one is a quick read, easy to understand, and a fantastic addition to your cocktail collection.

Bottom Line

While I’ve only listed two recipes here (because of the size of the book and the fact that some of the recipes are a little off-putting for some people), I’d encourage you to pick up the entire book because of its conversational tone, interesting historical facts, and enjoyable tips on making your margarita’s and other cocktails. If you’re an experienced sommelier or taster, you’ll find plenty of recipes for the traditional drinks that you love. I just know that the Margarita is one of my favorites, so if you’re a regular Margarita drinker, I highly recommend this book. For the beginner, however, I’d recommend that you start with these two recipes for a perfect summertime sipping of a flaming Tequila Mockingbird.

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