The 10 latest conspiracy theories

conspiracy theories

It is not just the TV pundits’ job to spin the news. If you are reading this, I am sure you have encountered many conspiracy theories being put forward on blogs and even in some respected newspapers. The need for an explanation of events might lead to people believing some rather odd things about what is going on in our world today.

Broadly, these types of conspiracy theory can be divided into three categories:

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1- Conspiracy theories which involve the Paranormal – For example, aliens building the pyramids or Bigfoot being captured by a hunter.

2- Conspiracy theories based on suspicion of authority figures such as Presidents and Prime Ministers. For example, some people believe that all US Presidents since George Washington have been controlled in some way by a secret society called the Illuminati who are trying to set up a New World Order.

3- Conspiracy theories around crime and terrorism. These are very popular at the moment with conspiracy blogs claiming that many terrorist plots have been organized by Western intelligence agencies for various purposes.


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1- There are people who believe that the World Trade Center buildings were not destroyed in 2001 by Al-Qaeda flying airplanes into them. They believe this was done by US Government agents in order to justify America going to war with Iraq and Afghanistan. Or on a smaller scale, some people believed that Princess Diana’s car accident was not an accident.

2- I read a blog this year which claimed that it was not David Kelly who had committed suicide but he had been murdered by British Intelligence because he was going to blow the whistle on Tony Blair’s lies in taking Britain into the Iraq War.

3- People believe that the reason for global warming is not the activities of man but to justify an introduction of a New World Order.

4- We have the Illuminati who are believed to be a secretive and powerful group of individuals who dominate global affairs. They also use symbols such as the all seeing eye on representations of money, i.e the US Dollar bill which is printed by the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank not by politicians or governments.

5- On a smaller scale there has been speculation that Princess Diana was murdered by the Royal Family after she began an affair with a Muslim.

6- Another on-going conspiracy theory is that Elvis Presley faked his own death. I have even had one young man try to convince me of this on Facebook, which I find difficult to believe.

7- The best selling author David Icke believes that the world is run by a secret group of lizard-like aliens called The Babylonian Brotherhood. He claims to have been shown information about this when he was in his early twenties and has since spent a lot of time researching it, publishing many books on the subject.

8- Another theory which I read about recently was that Osama Bin Laden had faked his own death, which was reported on 1st May 2011. This is due to the fact that he only had minor injuries after being shot by US Navy Seals and an audio tape of him has since been released. The Taliban also claim that they buried him at sea but no body has ever emerged.

9- Going back in time, in the 19th Century it was believed that George Washington (the first President of America) faked his own death in 1799 and then went on to live a second life as a farm laborer.

10- In more recent times some people believe that the Apollo Moon Landing of 1969 was a fake put forward by NASA. I have even had some people on Facebook believe that there was no Space Shuttle Columbia disaster!

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