The 5G Conspiracy Theories – Reason Why You Should Not Trust Them

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 According to the 5G conspiracy theory, cellular devices are used to track us. This new technology has increased the worldwide spying of individuals and making their existence vulnerable.

The Beliefs Of Controversial 5G Theorists

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According to conspiracy theorists, with the use of these technologies, the authorities above are controlling and keeping track of human beings. Soon more advanced technologies are developed to find out every move a person makes such as, what is the person doing, where are they traveling to, etc. The higher authorities claim that these technological advancements would help them to prevent any illegal activities and criminal acts. But are these authoritical claims to be trusted? 

Understanding 5G Conspiracy Theory

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Let’s first understand these controversial 5G conspiracy theories. Social media platforms are where millions of people log on to their computers and share their opinions. Owing to these social platforms these 5G conspiracy theories are blooming. These conspiracy theories assert that these social websites let the fabricated and counterfeit information circulate on the web. And this is the reason why there will be an overthrow of the American economy.

The First Claim Of The 5G Conspiracy Theory

In the 5G conspiracy theory, the first claim made is that the American financial system is going to collapse within the next year.

It has been claimed that social media websites are going to block access to the entire evidence that an online article was posted by U.S president Obama. This article might have some destructive information regarding the president’s health. According to some analysts, there would be around contiguous manner and this would lead to a massive collapse American financial within a year. It is believed that this episode will occur either on the second of April or on April fools day.

The Bluff Verizon Conspiracy Theory

A few years ago, a similar conspiracy theory was making rounds when Verizon was going to launch its new mobile network. It was said that if someone was using a different network they would bar them from doing so. But this also proved to be a hoax.

Pandemic Virus Conspiracy Theory

It is claimed that millions of birds will be dead in Africa and Asia from the pandemic virus. But the fact is that bird flu is a highly infectious disease that spreads quite easily among birds. That being said that there will be again a pandemic killing millions of people around the world.

The Not So End Of The Conspiracy Theory

It is the end of the conspiracy theory in this article but, it isn’t going to stop soon. These are some conspiracy theories that are included here. But there are many more compelling ones out there that we still don’t know off. Nevertheless, these enthralling theories are worth reading. And you never know when these theories become facts.

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