The British Monarchy And Its Future

future of british monarchy

The United Kingdom has monarchy as the oldest form of government which is headed by a king or a queen. British Monarchy the most popular monarchies existing in the world. There have been many famous British monarchs down the timeline. Many people all over the world are quite intent to know about the British monarchy. Some questions that come to mind when we talk or read about the British monarchy are that  – Will Britain ban the monarchy? What would happen if British Monarchy was banned?  What is the probable future of the British monarchy? There have been several scandals and rumors about the British monarchy. However, in the British monarchy, there is a problem regarding the successor to the throne, and most people think that the monarchy system will be banned in Britain after Queen Elizabeth dies. Prince Andrew recently got involved in the scandal of Jeffrey Epstein, and also in the scandal of the royal exit of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The couple placed an allegation that their son was insulted based on racism issues by the royal family. All these matters raise the question of how long the British monarchy will be surviving.

Rules Existing In The British Monarchy

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The British Monarchy is very strict about the dress code. The members of the the royal family should always dress modestly and never casually or informally.

The members of the royal family should always carry an all-black dress while traveling. The members of the royal family should always be prepared and have to wear black clothes during a funeral. Two heirs of the throne are not allowed to fly at the same time. The members of the royal family cannot participate in politics. They cannot vote and also cannot express their political views. Showing affection in public is frowned upon. As per a precedent set by Queen Elizabeth II, the members of the royal family, cannot hold hands in public and must keep their hands to themselves.

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The Queen cannot sit on a foreign throne. Only the married members of the royal family can put on tiaras. When the Queen stands, everyone around needs to stand too. The people dining with the Queen need to finish eating once the Queen finishes her meal; no one is allowed to have an extra portion of food once the Queen finishes dining. The Queen must approve the wedding dress before the bride wears it on the wedding day.


Racism is a problem prevalent in the royal family. There has been a problem with succession. However, Prince Charles shall become the ruler after the Queen.

If the monarchy is put to an end, the royal family will continue to exist, either for private property or corporate deals.

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