The British Monarchy History Books

british monarchy history books

In the United Kingdom, there are many history books that are published every year and some of these stories are very interesting. The British Monarchy is one of the most intriguing and well-known historical figures in world history. They are known to be one of the wealthiest and most powerful dynasties in world history. Monarchs such as Queen Elizabeth, George VI, Edward IV and even William the Conqueror have all had a major impact on the world with their rule.

The Books Written By Historians Deal With Battles And Conflicts

Many of the books written by historians deal with battles and conflicts. There were two world wars that occurred during the reigns of these British Monarchs. It was common for there to be huge palace battles during these times. The two most famous battles that took place in the United Kingdom involved engagements at Agincourt and Seven Rivers.

William the Conqueror was the leader of the British. He was known to be very cruel and arrogant however. He was also not above taking anyone that he felt would agree with his demands. He was also rumored to be a supporter of the death penalty. He was eventually defeated at Agincourt, but he nevertheless managed to retain his kingdom.

Queen Elizabeth – British Monarchy History Books

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Queen Elizabeth was known to be the longest reigning monarch in Britain. She is said to be a fierce warrior and she was also known to have fought her way into a war with Spain. She is believed to have been the model for many of today’s modern leaders including Winston Churchill and the Duke of Gordon. She reigned for thirty-nine years and is considered the first British Queen. She is also the mother of the present Queen Elizabeth.

King Henry VIII broke from the Roman Catholic Church and sided with Rome. It was then said that he dissolved the monasteries and carried out mass arrests of people. He is also thought to have broken the monastic rules and increased the deposition of powerful figures. The dissolution of the monasteries brought a great deal of unrest and disorder to the country. It is also said that he abandoned many of his female concubines.

William The Conqueror

William the Conqueror is believed to have been the first king of England. He is said to have invaded northern Africa and gained control of areas there as well as those in the far east. He is also responsible for introducing the process of common law in the country. He is also responsible for some of the notorious laws such as the statute of twelve nobles, which permitted every nobleman to have two wives. It is also believed that William the Conqueror started the practice of the wearing of the starched white coat of armor.

The reign of Queen Elizabeth is known to be the period which gave birth to modern politics in Britain. It was during this time that the concept of direct taxation was introduced. This meant that the land and wealth of the landowner were seized by the crown. It is also believed that during this time that the first major English poem was written, “Beowulf”. Queen Elizabeth is also credited with being the first monarch who attempted a league with the Pope, which would become a sign of peace between all the British Kings and Monarchies of Europe.

Last Words

It should also be mentioned that the English Monarchy has had a lot of consort and alternate kings since its beginning. Some examples of these kings are Edward IV, who was the father of Queen Elizabeth; James I, who was the grandfather of her husband; and George I, who abdicated. It should also be mentioned that Queen Victoria broke with the traditions of the Monarchy and abdicated the throne. Some of the kings who reigned over the British Monarchy after Queen Victoria were her son, King George V, and her grandson, the current Queen Elizabeth. The main purpose of this article is to give you an idea of the incredible history that the British Monarchy has had, and also to educate you on the subject of British royalty.

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