The End Of The British Monarchy

Their influence over international trade and diplomacy far outstripped that of any other nation. In addition, they had an army that was second to none, not to mention a fleet which was the envy of all other nations. What happened? How did this seemingly invincible power collapse?

The Monarchy Had Been Quite Lucky During The First World War

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They had an ally in America, and America’s entry into the Second World War provided them with much needed help. Unfortunately, it was too late. The allies lost nearly three-quarters of their military strength, as well as half of America’s armed forces. This would prove very costly, especially considering the fact that America was at that time fighting for its survival. Once the war was over, however, the Monarchy quickly found itself without any political power, and without a standing army.

As the industrial revolution began in the United States (and Britain), they began to lose their once mighty standing. For a time, they tried to raise the economy back up on its feet, but this only resulted in deeper financial trouble. Meanwhile, their ships were left adrift at sea. All hope was not lost, however; the Monarchy still believed in their ability to rule.

King George VI

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King George VI, who was thirty-two at the time, suddenly became seriously ill. Rumors circulated that he had been suffering from a form of cancer. For a short while, it was feared that he might die of lung disease. The rumors were unfounded, however, and King George VI recovered.

When his illness continued to become worse, he was taken into London for treatment. It was there that the situation became even more serious. Royalists, and anti-royals all blamed the British for what had happened, and they held a variety of councils to discuss their options.

The Household Council

One of these councils, which you might have heard of, was the Household Council. Members of this elite group met to discuss the way to deal with the end of the Monarchy. It is important to understand that the Household Council never actually did end up deciding the fate of the Monarchy. Their decisions were based on loyalty and principle.


Many people in India, as well as Britain, are grateful for the end of the Bribe. India gained its freedom from the British Monarchy and was able to rebuild its economy on the strength of the new found wealth. Many Indians are still angry at the British for their part in the breakup of their country, but at least the past has been laid to rest. India now looks to the future with hope and confidence.

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